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Class photograph of a class at Old Ray School in Florence Alabama circa 1938…

shows just how we lived back in the day with boys in overalls and girls in dresses all ladylike.  No air conditioning. Discipline reigned in the classroom, if not then you got nothing at school compared to what you got at home.

Old Ray School class of circa 1938

  1. Wright, Ray Howard 16. Green, Bobby
  2. Redding, Hubert 17. Jones, Edward 
  3. Peden, Warren 18. Wright, L. C. “Dick” 
  4. Call, Charles 19. Wallace, Unknown
  5. McDougal, William 20. Dhority, Virginia
  6. Fowler, Glen 21. McIntyre, Camillia
  7. Lindsey, Quinon 22. Brewer, Unknown
  8. Terrell, Unknown 23. Thornton, Faye Dean
  9. Redding, Laverne 24. Murphy, Marie Walker
10. Wallace, Unknown 25. Cox, Virginia
11. Roberson, Unknown 26. Green?, Wilma
12. Walker, Mary Belle 27. Roberson, Unknown
13. Kimbrough, Helen 28. Walker, Louise, Teacher
14. number not present 29. White, Virginia 

Any corrections or missing names that can be added would be appreciated. Also, any information or further description of this long gone school and its occupants would be welcome.