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Norwoods are plentiful…

in Lawrence County, Alabama especially in the Moulton area, but there are not as many as there were in the mid 1800s. William Mitchell Norwood’s father by the same name died in Lawrence County in 1850. He left a large number of descendants behind. Many of them wound up in Colbert County, Alabama. Actually, since the county lines shifted, they may not have moved at all.

William Mitchell “Billy” Norwood in this photo is important to many Shoals area and northern Alabama people. He is important because he is of the Norwood clan that came from the Carolinas to settle in the southern Tennessee and northern Alabama areas. Many will know, or will discover, they are kin to him and his descendants. A photo of his sons will follow in the next post.

William Mitchell "Billy" Norwood

William Mitchell "Billy" Norwood