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We never thought we would hear from them again…

Map of McClain County, Oklahoma.

Map of McClain County Oklahoma

now did we? And we did not hear from them, but some of their relatives have provided enough information to fill in the blanks.

William Deaton Jackson Murray and Susan Anna Isbell Murray’s son William Jackson Murray just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. When that son and his wife left the area, he said he would never be back and I guess he never did return.  William Jackson Murray married Lelia Florence Jeffries in Colbert County, Alabama  on 27 March 1892 when she was eighteen years old. She was born 14 March 1867 in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Alabama and died  15 January 1967 in Wayne, McClain County, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of Andrew Jackson “Jack” Jeffreys 1848 – 1908 and Mary Susannah “Susan” Downs 1850 – 1910. Her parents also moved to Oklahoma and there they died. Lelia Jeffries was one of almost a dozen Jeffries children.

A note of interest on Jack and Susan Jeffries, he was born in Marion County, Alabama; she was born in Mississippi but her parents moved to Alabama when she was very young. They lived in Lawrence County, Alabama for a number of years. But on the 1900 census they were listed as living at Township 2, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. Andrew Jackson Jeffreys died 29 September 1908 and is buried in Foster Cemetery at Foster, Garvin County, Oklahoma. By 1910 the remaining family members  were in Doughtery, Murray County, Oklahoma where Susan Downs Jeffries died. She was the head of the household and her daughter Methel Jeffries was living with her. She was 59 years old, was widowed, and had nine living children of eleven children born to her. She died a little over three months after the 1910 census had been enumerated.

It is uncertain when the William Jackson Murray family left for the west. No record of them could be on the 1900 census. But by 1910 they were in McClain County in Oklahoma. And there they remained until death. There was some disagreement between William Jackson Murray and his family; it seems that maybe they had said they would go west with them and then changed their minds. The parents never heard from him as long as they lived.

Lelia and William Jackson Murray raised a large family of children  in Oklahoma. Their children were: Edward D Murray 1893 – 1972, Benjiman A Murray 1897 – 1975, Marvin G Murray 1897 – 1967, Ludie Bell Murray 1899 – 1995, Cecil Velmer Murray 1900 – 1988, Bonnie Murray 1903 – 1950, Clarence S Murray 1907 – 1953, Hazel Gladys Murray 1909 – 2001, Ira Eugene Murray 1911 – 1911, and Vera Evelin Murray 1912 –  .

A photo of Lelia Florence Jeffries Murray, some of her children and grandchildren in McClain County, Oklahoma

Lelia Florence Jeffries Murray and some of her children and grandchildren in McClain County, Oklahoma


This photo is circa 1900…

and features a daughter of William Deaton Jackson “John” Murray, Mary Ophelia Murray and her husband Thomas Jasper “Tom” Vandiver who is the son of William Francis Vandiver and Louisa McBride of Franklin, now Colbert County, Alabama.

Mary Ophelia Murray Vandiver and Thomas Jasper Vandiver ca 1900