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Come here. Come here.

C-o-o-ome here.

You see my one good eye, well it is focused on you. Would you help make Remembering the Shoals successful by posting photos and/or memories on here or on the Official Facebook page entitled: Remembering the Shoals? 


Everyone seems to really enjoy the little tidbits of info that only friends and family can add.

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Would you please post photos of your Mother at Remembering the Shoals and a little something something about her. For those of us whose mother’s are no longer here, this holiday is a sad time. Perhaps a little something posted that is uplifting would be in order for those. Would you also post a photo of your Mother as your profile picture on Facebook?
Also, Memorial Day is around the corner. Please join our campaign of WTF: Wave The Flag. So, here is our request. That on Mother’s Day you post a photo of your Mom, on Father’s  Day you post a photo of your Dad, and on Memorial Day post a photo of an American flag (or your military hero)_and a little story with it. Would you also post a photo of a flag as your profile picture on Facebook for Memorial Day and a photo of your Dad for Father’s Day as your profile picture?
For example, as one of Logan’s work folders he was required to do things that would teach him about patriotism. One of the tasks was to take photos of 50 flags. Well, he (with a little help) found a place where there were fifty flags displayed. He did take photos of other flags, though. There have been discussions about America and how we need to show we are proud to be an American.
Well, they were at Subway in Cherokee after a t-ball game. He was in line with his Dad to place an order. He told his Dad that he could tell the man in front of them was patriotic. His Dad, asked how did he know that. Logan answered, “I know he is patriotic because he ordered American cheese for his sandwich.”
Now, did that make you smile? It did me; it still does. Logan’s Ghee said to me, “I think the lesson about patriotism has been mastered.” It is little tidbits like this that will be remembered and hopefully, if we document them they will be cherished for generations.

The Littlest Patriots…

will be coming your way.

These cards have been ordered. They are on their way. Please be kind to the little one who will be asking for your help.

Logan Sledge, the Littlest Patriot of them all, will be soliciting your signature for his WAVE THE FLAG cards. He is only five but try to tell him that. He thinks it is a part of a Work Folder from his GG, that would be me,  to earn him a big surprise. We won’t tell him that it is really a learning tool to teach him about his country, love for his country, and love for his flag.  He takes these Work Folders seriously. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to WAVE THE FLAG as well –  literally.  And, well if you feel silly doing it,  so what?

This is a small part of our first annual WAVE THE FLAG event. Please take it to heart and be a part of this patriotic outpouring. Logan will not be shy about coming up to you. Make him proud. We hope all the little patriots and big patriots will participate. Below is a graphic showing you what the card will look like on the front and back. He will ask you to sign the back. Ten signatures are required for each card. Ten cards are required to fulfill this part of the Work Folder. He will have fifteen more cards that he is not required to get signatures on, but if he should happen to get all twenty-five cards signed without repeating signatures, then bless his heart, he will be surprised at the big surprise he will have earned – but he has to complete all the parts to the Work Folder before he gets his big surprise.

Just FYI, another part of the Work Folder will be to sell THANK YOU cards for you to send to our favorite heroes, those brave men and women serving in our military, or who have served in our military. The specifics of that have not been worked out yet.

The Littlest Patriots

Wave The Flag…

Wave The Flag