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The cultural landscape of the southern plantations…

documents plantation homes in the south. There are photos included of former slaves.

The Big House was a two-story house; white like most houses during that time. On the north side of the Big House sat a great big barn, where all the stock and stuff that was raised was kept. Off to the southwest of the barn, west of the BigHouse, set about five or six log houses.Photo of William Henry Towns a former slave in Tuscumbia Alabama

— William Henry Towns, former slave describing a plantation near Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Name: William Henry Towns
[Bill Towns] 
Birth Place: Tuscumbia, Alabama
Birth Date: 7 Dec 1854
Residence State: Alabama
Interview Location: Tuscumbia, Alabama
Father’s Name: Joe Towns
Father – Places Lived: Huntsville, Alabama
Mother’s Name: Jane Smoots
Mother – Places Lived: Baltimore, Maryland
Siblings: Charlie; Bob; Betty; Kate; Lula; Nelie
Spouse’s Name: Lizzie Anderson
Children Names: William Henry
Owner’s Name: Young
Total Pages in Narrative File: 9
Roll Number: 1