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Oh, I am shot…

I exclaimed much to my surprise!!! These were the words uttered by this Tuscumbia resident. In her own words, she tells her story behind this exclamation:

Several years ago when I was working for an Attorney in Tuscumbia, my husband was remodeling the office behind ours and he was taking a break for lunch so he rode down to Sparkey’s with me–I parked, walked to the window and right after me a rat

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Patsy Congleton

her large guy with a really big arm came up behind me in line–a pickup truck pulled up right behind where we were standing and about that time as the old saying goes, “All hell broke loose”–the windows were shattering out of Sparkey’s and when I turned around this big fellows arm was about blown off. My first thought, “Snipers” are shooting    from the woods across the street and I dived into my auto while my husband was starring in disbelief as he had just recovered from a heart attack.

I reached to feel what was wet running down my back and exclaimed, “_ _ _ _”. Oh, ‘I’m shot” Since my husband was about to have yet another heart attack, I drove him home and went to the ER. Does anyone remember Dr. Anderson from Russellville–he happened to be coming through he ER and took care of me–when I arrived Judge Pride Tompkins was there and when I asked him why he was there he said he heard on the radio I had been shot and came to check on me. Can you spell Embarrassment–when Dr. Anderson had the shotgun pellets removed from my back I went back to work hoping no-one else ever heard about this–even my husband would not have believed it if he hadn’t been there. The guy standing behind me was not so lucky, his arm had so many shotgun pellets, they had to leave some on them in and he probably still has them in his arm and as fate would have it, all those would have wound up in the center of my backbone except for the guy who showed up behind me. The incident happened when young twins were exploring their Dad’s gun in the truck; he had left them in the vehicle while he placed his order. Anyway, that’s the story, even if it wound up in two sections.