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Elizabeth Eleanor Landers…

was born at LaGrange in Colbert County, Alabama on 21 May 1847. Her parents were Jacob L and Eleanor Luna Landers. She died 10 Jan 1918 in Sheffield, Colbert County, Alabama. She married John David Vandiver Feb 1870.  They had seven known children:  John Robert Vandiver  1870 – 1960, Mary M Vandiver 1871 –   , Matilda Doshie Vandiver 1872 –    , Nancy Irene Vandiver 1875 – 1951, James Vandiver 1879 –    , and Matthew A Vandiver 1882 – 1917.

There are a number of photographs of the John David Vandiver and Eleanor Landers Vandiver family over the years. The photogrph in this article is thought to be that of John David Vandiver’s wife and the mother of his children. Can anyone verify that this is indeed Elizabeth Eleanor Landers Vandiver?

Elizabeth Eleanor Landers Vandiver

Hanging on…

but barely it seems, at Lookout Mountain. I am not just wondering how they got down, but how they got up there especially her with her long skirt. If he died in 1917, the time line of the photograph must be around 1910.
Matthew A Vandiver and sister Irene Vandiver Nichols are pictured sitting on the Umbrella Overhang at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Matthew and Irene’s parents were John David Vandiver and Elizabeth E Landers Vandiver of Colbert County, Alabama.  Matthew was born 1882 and died in 1917. He married Ada Fisher 15 Aug 1903 in Colbert County.
Matthew’s sister, Nancy Irene Vandiver, was born in 1875 in Leighton, Colbert County, Alabama. She died 1951 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. Irene married William Raymond Nichols who was born  10 Oct 1876 in Newburg, Franklin County, Alabama and died in 1 Jun 1937 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. They married in 1901.
Matthew Vandiver and Irene Vandiver Nichols

Matthew Vandiver and Irene Vandiver Nichols at the Umbrella Overhang on Lookout Mountain