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Another memory to cherish…

in the form of a photograph.

The photograph below is that of George Washington Terry, son of George Washington Terry, Sr and Matilda Ann Rodgers Terry.

George W Terry was born 15 June 1862 and died in December of 1938. He had three known wives. He first married at age 19 to Vina J Lange, called “Vinnie” by family. That marriage was performed on 1 August 1881 in Lawrence County, Alabama. Vinnie Terry died in 1898.

George Washington Terry next married at age 39 to Sarah V Watson, called “Sallie” by family. They married 16 January 1902 in Lawrence County, Alabama. Sallie Watson Terry died 14 February 1914 in Lawrence County, Alabama.

George W Terry then married 23 June 1914 to Margaret Ann Glass. The family called her “Maggie”.  There were two boys enumerated in their household at one time. They were Edgar D Beavers and Henry Glass. It is presumed that they were her sons by prior marriages.

There were a number of children born to George Washington Terry during all three marriages. Sorting the children out has been a daunting task. But unless documents offer any corrections in the future, the following children were born to the mothers as follows:

Vina J “Vinnie” Lang Terry had the following children: Mattie Lee Terry 1884 – 1974 who married a Letson; Luther Terry 1887 – 1954; Harvey Terry (may have been the brother named Hive) born 1890; Nevia Terry born 1893; Weaver (daughter) born 1894; and Clyde Terry 1900- before 1910.

Sarah V “Sallie” Watson had the following children: Alfred Louis (Lewis) Terry 1902-1967; Evelyn Terry born 1904; Eva L Terry born 1906; Betty M Terry born 1908; Nettie Mae Terry 1908-1964;  and Austin Wilburn Terry 1910-1991.

Margaret Ann “Maggie” Glass Terry had the following children: Cynthia Margaret Terry 1916-1939; Ussery Cornelius Terry 1917-1987; Mary Terry born ca 1920; Maudie Terry born ca 1922; and Bluitt Terry ca 1926. And possibly she was the mother of the two boys enumerated in their household, Edgar D Beavers and Henry Glass both listed as born 1904.

It is such a delight to see what our ancestors looked like. George Washington Terry was a handsome man.

Photo of George Washington Terry born 1862

A picture is worth a thousand words…

and it is fun to see if there is any resemblance of the person in the photo to anyone that you are related to. I think I detect a resemblance to some of my kin.

The photo is of Elias Terry. He was certainly a very handsome man. Elias Terry was a brother to Catherine Rebecca Jane Terry who married George Henry Peebles. Elias was also a brother, just  older, to Elizabeth Anna Garth Rachel Matilda “Lizzie” Terry who married Joseph Calvin Tolbert.

A photo of Elias Terry son of G W and Matilda Rodgers Terry

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Elias Terry was born December of 1864 in Courtland, Lawrence County, Alabama. He was the son of George Washington Terry and Matilda Ann Rodgers Terry. He married Mary Catherine (Molly) Linton in Lawrence County, Alabama on 8 Jan 1879. Children of Elias and Molly Terry were: George Jackson Terry, Johnny Quinton Terry 1885-1973, Sally Randolph Terry, Oscar Terry 1899-1918, Arnold Lee Terry 1895-1963 and Virgie Terry Hutto 1899-1972. Elias Terry died 1 March 1919 in Lawrence County, Alabama. He is buried at Graham Cemetery at Harmony Methodist Church in Lawrence County, Alabama.