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Descendants of Matthias Yocum…

Pictured is Marion Matthias Calvin Reed who was a grandson of my Matthias Yocum by Matthias Yocum’s daughter Susan E Yocum. Marion M C Reed married Mary Lee Jackson. The photo captures their children, their children’s spouses and their grandchildren. These all look like fine people to me.

Matthias was born in Kentucky in 1780 and died in Franklin County, Alabama in 1870. It is not known where he is buried. Another of Matthias Yocum’s daughters, Mary Ann Yocum, who married John Wesley Allen, was my great-great-great-grandmother on my paternal side. So, if your name connects with Murray, Allen, Isbell, Peebles, Tolbert, Terry, Gregory, Vandiver, Sparks, Yocum, Bryant, Linam, Lucas, Smith, Elkins, Goins, Norwood, Brown, Birdwell, Hollingsworth, McBride, Box, or Harbin, then we are likely related in several directions. Further, the name is also spelled Yoakum, Jochem, and Yokem.

Descendants of Matthias Yocum

Marion Mathias Calvin Reed and Mary Lee Jackson Reed family