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Vote now, vote early, vote often…

in our poll for your favorite version of  the song “Loving You Could Never Be Better.” This little jewel was written by the Shoals’ own Peanut and Charlene Montgomery. One version was recorded by the little hairdresser from Red

Loving You Could Never Be Better Than It Is Right Now

Loving You Could Never Be Better Than It Is Right Now

 Bay. Another version was recorded by someone who lived at one time in the Shoals. I would be surprised if they were not all recorded in the Shoals. The youtube videos of the performances will follow the poll.

So vote, get your children to vote, get your parents to vote, get your relatives to vote – dead or alive – just like in the real electoral process. Vote early and often. The singers are in this order: Tammy Wynette, George the Jones, Tanya Tucker, and Mel Street.

NOTE: For the Tammy Wynette version and the George Jones version you will need to click on the ‘watch on youtube’ hyperlink to view the video. Bummer.


Charlene Green Montgomery…

is a hometown girl. She was born and raised in the Shoals area.

Looking at her photo, there has been little change from when we attended school at Colbert County High School in

Earl and Charlene at The Grand Ole Opry
Earl and Charlene at The Grand Ole Opry

Leighton beginning in the seventh grade. We had classes together and rode the same school bus for a while. I went home with her once.

In preparation for this post, a little research revealed that she has accomplished a lot in her life. And she is not done yet.  The photo on the right  is Charlene and Earl “Peanut” Montgomery performing at The Grand Ole Opry.

Her husband is a brother to country music legend, Melba Montgomery. Back in 1964 Melba went around to the radio station WRCK  in Tuscumbia, and I got to see her there. I remember that she wore gold flats. At that time Melba Montgomery was dubbed “The Queen of Country Music” and seemed to have one hit right after the other.

So, when Charlene and Earl married it was hello talent, meet talent. That “Peanut” Montgomery and his success in the music field is so voluminous it would require its own article. But suffice it to say, I would wager that he might be the first to say that Charlene had a great deal to do with his success. Charlene is and always has been a very sweet person.

She has either co-written the following songs, or has been one of the artists that recorded them:

Song Titles Artists

Loving You Start Hurting Me (Writers: Earl Montgomery,Charlene Montgomery and George Richey); recorded by  Freddie Hart and Peggy Little

High On The Thought Of You (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Charlene Montgomery); recorded by  Johnny Paycheck

Loving You Could Never Be Better (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Charlene Montgomery and Betty Tate); recorded by Tanya Tucker and Mel Street

The Woman In Me (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Charlene Montgomery); recorded by  Jody Miller

Old Mose  (Writer: Earl Montgomery); recorded by Kenny Price, The Wilsons, Earl and Charlene Montgomery

There’s No Two Sides To Christ  (Writer: Earl Montgomery); recorded by  Kenny Price, Earl and Charlene Montgomery

Loving You Could Never Be Better was also recorded by George Jones as well as by Tammy Wynette.