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Lest we forget the least of these…

Obituary for Fred Walter Bradfordthat may have been down on their luck in hard times, the names of those in the Colbert County Almshouse enumerated as part of the 1920 Federal Census by Melvin H Elkins from the 29th to 31st of January in 1920 will be included here.

The Almshouse, or Poor House as many called it, was in the Camp Smith area of Colbert County; in District: 0013. There was a lot of shame that stigmatized those who were in a circumstance to warrant housing and care in such a facility. But, truly back in those days, if it was necessary to be in an Almshouse, one really needed the help and were likely elderly and sometimes without family to look after them.

Fred W Bradford was the keeper of the Almshouse in 1920. Some give his middle name as Washington while others give his middle name as Walter. His obituary gives his name as Fredrick Walter Bradford; his parents were David Washington Bradford 1836-1866 and Julia Jarmon Bradford Grey 1844-1900.

Fred Walter Bradford married four times. His first marriage circa 1885 was to Nancy Caldona Tharp. They had the following known children: Fredrick Washington Bradford 1892 -1957, Callie Fredonia Bradford 1896, Julia Dovia Bradford Cantrell 1887 – 1973, Ida Virginia Bradford Stonecipher 1889 – 1928 and Massie L Bradford 1897.

His second marriage in 1901 was to Louvicey Lindsey. They had the following children: Willie E Bradford 1905-1935, William S Bradford 1906. There may have been other children.

His third marriage in 1908 was to Sarah Josephine “Josie” Duncan Sledge. Her first marriage was to Thomas Ervin Sledge (son of William Henry Sledge, grandson of Macklen Sledge). Two Sledge children were from her marriage to Thomas Ervin Sledge: Thomas Grady Sledge and Bessie Ernestine Sledge Green. Fred Walter Bradford and Josie Duncan Sledge Bradford had the following children: Lillian g Bradford born and died 1909,  Johnie E Bradford 1911, and Walter L Bradford 1914-1952. Josie Duncan Sledge Bradford died in 1931.

The fourth marriage for Fred W Bradford was in 1936 to Odell whose last name is not known. Fred W Bradford died in 1947 and she is listed as his wife in his obitary

Thomas Grady Sledge and Mamie Hand Sledge lived beside his mother and stepfather on the 1920 census. The age of Grady was 18 and his young wife’s age was 15. Next to them was the Colbert County Almshouse of which Fred W Bradford was the keeper. Listed in the household of Fred W and wife Sarah J Bradford were sons Willie E Bradford age 14, Johnie E Bradford age 9, Walter L Bradford age 5 and Fred’s stepdaughter Bessie Sledge age 19 and single.

Those listed as living at the Almshouse were:

Darty, Bill – age 55, married, born in Georgia;

Darty, Sarah – age 66, married, born in Alabama;

Sharp, Callie – age 81, widowed, born in Georgia;

Briley, Fronia – age 70, single, born in Alabama;

Shield, Julia – age 60, widowed, born in South Carolina;

Clovel, Ada – 64, widowed (naturalized and immigrated 1865), her spoken language is French, born in France;

Marony, Alt – age 38, widowed, born in Alabama;

Stidham, Wesley – age 71, married born in Alabama;

Walter, Will – age 60, single, born in Arkansas;

Birnlsadde, James – age  75 , born in Alabama, and

Shaw, Henry – age 76, black, married, born in Tennessee.

Most of those inmates of the Almshouse do not have a surname that I am familiar with in our Shoals area. Perhaps some of their descendants are searching for them.

Uh huh. Likely pair…

of wife beaters…ya think? Most anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to become a DAD.

Likely pair of wife beaters...ya think?

He is such a good little photographer…

just look at the magic that happened when he snapped this family portrait with his new camera Santa brought him for Christmas last year. Yep. That’s my little Logan. He is the Loganator. Gotta love him.

Vogue! Strike a pose.

If you look closely, our Taylor Anne Sledge is in the background and  happy playing with what Santa brought for her.

Come here. Come here.

C-o-o-ome here.

You see my one good eye, well it is focused on you. Would you help make Remembering the Shoals successful by posting photos and/or memories on here or on the Official Facebook page entitled: Remembering the Shoals? 


Everyone seems to really enjoy the little tidbits of info that only friends and family can add.

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Would you please post photos of your Mother at Remembering the Shoals and a little something something about her. For those of us whose mother’s are no longer here, this holiday is a sad time. Perhaps a little something posted that is uplifting would be in order for those. Would you also post a photo of your Mother as your profile picture on Facebook?
Also, Memorial Day is around the corner. Please join our campaign of WTF: Wave The Flag. So, here is our request. That on Mother’s Day you post a photo of your Mom, on Father’s  Day you post a photo of your Dad, and on Memorial Day post a photo of an American flag (or your military hero)_and a little story with it. Would you also post a photo of a flag as your profile picture on Facebook for Memorial Day and a photo of your Dad for Father’s Day as your profile picture?
For example, as one of Logan’s work folders he was required to do things that would teach him about patriotism. One of the tasks was to take photos of 50 flags. Well, he (with a little help) found a place where there were fifty flags displayed. He did take photos of other flags, though. There have been discussions about America and how we need to show we are proud to be an American.
Well, they were at Subway in Cherokee after a t-ball game. He was in line with his Dad to place an order. He told his Dad that he could tell the man in front of them was patriotic. His Dad, asked how did he know that. Logan answered, “I know he is patriotic because he ordered American cheese for his sandwich.”
Now, did that make you smile? It did me; it still does. Logan’s Ghee said to me, “I think the lesson about patriotism has been mastered.” It is little tidbits like this that will be remembered and hopefully, if we document them they will be cherished for generations.

The Littlest Patriots…

will be coming your way.

These cards have been ordered. They are on their way. Please be kind to the little one who will be asking for your help.

Logan Sledge, the Littlest Patriot of them all, will be soliciting your signature for his WAVE THE FLAG cards. He is only five but try to tell him that. He thinks it is a part of a Work Folder from his GG, that would be me,  to earn him a big surprise. We won’t tell him that it is really a learning tool to teach him about his country, love for his country, and love for his flag.  He takes these Work Folders seriously. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to WAVE THE FLAG as well –  literally.  And, well if you feel silly doing it,  so what?

This is a small part of our first annual WAVE THE FLAG event. Please take it to heart and be a part of this patriotic outpouring. Logan will not be shy about coming up to you. Make him proud. We hope all the little patriots and big patriots will participate. Below is a graphic showing you what the card will look like on the front and back. He will ask you to sign the back. Ten signatures are required for each card. Ten cards are required to fulfill this part of the Work Folder. He will have fifteen more cards that he is not required to get signatures on, but if he should happen to get all twenty-five cards signed without repeating signatures, then bless his heart, he will be surprised at the big surprise he will have earned – but he has to complete all the parts to the Work Folder before he gets his big surprise.

Just FYI, another part of the Work Folder will be to sell THANK YOU cards for you to send to our favorite heroes, those brave men and women serving in our military, or who have served in our military. The specifics of that have not been worked out yet.

The Littlest Patriots

Sweet Taylor Anne…

is in ECM Hospital with pneumonia and severe dehydration. Her Mom says she is pitiful and that breaks my heart. Logan has strep throat and asthma problems now. The whole family has been sick with a stomach virus for what seems like forever. Taylor Anne Sledge is just one.

Taylor Anne Sledge

Best Friends Forever…

yep and yessiree. Uncle Joel and his two best friends forever are in the photo below. At Taylor Anne’s first birthday party, I witnessed a very heartwarming conversation between Uncle Joel and the little one, Logan Sledge. It was Taylor Anne’s birthday but some of us brave ones countered someone’s wishes when we brought presents for the Wolverine as well as the Princess Birthday Girl.

One of those was Joel Speegle, or Uncle Joel to Taylor Anne and Logan. As he was about to give Logan his ‘forbidden’ gift, Logan bent his head back, really far, far back, to address the big guy standing in front of him. Looking at the difference in stature of the two Mutt and Jeff comes to mind, only more Jeff and less Mutt, if you remember those two.  He asked Uncle Joel, “Did you know that you are my best friend? My v-e-r-y best friend in the WHOLE wide world, Uncle Joel?” And I would say from the lump in lump in my throat and the tightening of Uncle Joel’s lip that he did know it as it went without saying. Joel and Zac, Logan and Taylor Anne’s father, have been bffs since early childhood; and the tradition carries on.

Joel Speegle is one of my heroes as he is serving overseas in the military, but he is scheduled to return home to Cherokee soon. But, not soon enough for his family I would wager. Godspeed Joel Speegle.

Uncle Joel and his BFF

Jessica Davis…

is in this photo with my Logan. Imagine that?

Jessica Davis is a Cherokee girl. She has holes all over her head and usually has red in her hair. She has rings on her fingers and bells on her toes….ho ho. I think she may be a favorite of Logan and Taylor Anne, and if she is, then she is okay by me. Whose dog tag is she wearing?

Some called him Ervin…

but Zac, Anna, and Logan called him Paw. Logan was Paw’s Big Man. And Paw would have loved Taylor Anne equally as well had he known her. Paw was born in Colbert County, Alabama. He lived in Sheffield for many years. He also lived at and loved his little cabin in the woods in Cherokee.

Many will remember Ervin Sledge through his many years of mentoring those who were to become Masons in the area. Many will remember him from Sunday School classes. Many will remember him because he had such an extended family in the Shoals. He was a big man; he left big footprints for Zac and Logan and others to follow.

 But I recall him sitting on a pole, do you? If you do, then please tell about it.

Ervin Pride Sledge "Paw"