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He is such a good little photographer…

just look at the magic that happened when he snapped this family portrait with his new camera Santa brought him for Christmas last year. Yep. That’s my little Logan. He is the Loganator. Gotta love him.

Vogue! Strike a pose.

If you look closely, our Taylor Anne Sledge is in the background and  happy playing with what Santa brought for her.

This is a photo of the sweetest little Brownie ever…

and today, as a Ghee of two, she is still the best ever.

This photo was taken in 1971 at Southwest Elementary in Sheffield. Kim was seven at the time of the photo and an only child for a little while longer. The photo is of my daughter, Kim, when I was the Brownie Scout Leader. My friend Judy Wadkins was the Assistant Brownie Leader.

Kim Wright 1971 Southwest Elementary Sheffield Alabama

Grammy and the little punkin…

hold your horses – not quite Grammy, but Ghee is close enough. She is the best Ghee in the history of the world!!!

Ghee and the Little Punkin Oct 2005