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What a beautiful memory…

and a beautiful old photo of a family from Colbert County. This photo is of John Robert Vandiver and Nellie Anne Vandiver and their first child Flora. Flora Earline Vandiver was born 4 March 1899 at Leighton, Colbert County,Alabama so this photo must have been taken in middle 1899. Flora  died in 1979 in Alexander City, Alabama.

John R and Nellie Anne Vandiver went on to have the following children:

  • Flora Vandiver
  • Claude Melvin Vandiver 1901 – 1991
  • Claussen Melanchethan Vandiver 1904 – died young bef 1910 Census
  • Bonnie E Vandiver 1906 – 1975
  • John William Vandiver 1908 – 2006

John R Vandiver was the son of John David Vandiver and Elizabeth Elanor Landers. John R Vandiver’s first marriage was to Susie Fowler who was born 1870 and died 1898. John R Vandiver married second to Mary Nellie Anne Vandiver in 1898 in Colbert County, Alabama. Nellie Anne Vandiver was the daughter of  Elizabeth Downs and John Vandiver.

photo of John Robert Vandiver and wife Nellie Anne and baby Flora Vandiver 1899

Left to right: John Robert Vandiver, Nellie Anne Vandiver, and their child Flora Vandiver 1899

These Franklin County natives are braver than me…

hanging out there in mid-air on a rock, a big rock, a big rock with nothing underneath them for cushion – not even a net.

This is another photo from the Umbrella Overhang at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. From left to right this photo features Flora Vandiver, Bonnie Vandiver, John William Vandiver, John Robert Vandiver. This photo was likely taken the same day as the one with Irene and Matthew Vandiver, so it likely dates ca 1920.

Flora, Bonnie, John William and John Robert Vandiver

Flora, Bonnie, John William and John Robert Vandiver at Umbrella Overhang at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga