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The Lucas Memorial window…

is one of three very handsome memorial windows that are behind the altar in the center of the sanctuary of the Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Greenwood, Mississippi. The center window, depicting the Crucifixion, was presented by the Sunday School. To the right is the Lucas memorial window, portraying the Ascension. The scene depicted in the window to the left is disputed. Some say it is the Transfiguration, while others contend it is the Return of Christ.A photo of the three memorial windows behind the altar at the Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Greenwood, Mississippi

The memorial is in honor of the Lucas family of the Walnut Mound Plantation in LeFlore County, Mississippi. The patriarch of the family was Dr. John Hodges Lucas, son of Dr. Willis Lucas formerly of Lauderdale County, Alabama. Dr. Willis Lucas and Sarah Sallie Linam Lucas resided in Lauderdale County around the middle of the eighteen hundreds. John Hodges Lucas was born in Lawrence County, Tennessee and removed to Mississippi around the 1850s.  Dr. Willis Lucas and wife Sallie had three known children: Mary Elizabeth Lucas 1816 – 1901 who married Robert McWhirter, Sarah Frances Lucas 1818 – 1853 who married Jacob Duckett Casey in the Rawhide Community of Lauderdale County, Alabama,  and  Dr John Hodges Lucas 1826 – 1918 who is buried at Walnut Mound Cemetery near Shellmound, Mississippi. Dr. John Hodges Lucas was a highly esteemed man and physician who served as an Assistant Surgeon in the War Between the States in Company C/D of the 5th Mississippi Cavalry.