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SAD. Sad. Sad.

No words can express the sadness on the loss of little ones.

Blytheville Courier Isbell home fire 1951



A 1930 Isbell family reunion photo…

shows descendants of Levi Isbell at the 1930 family reunion at the Isbell home on Main Street, Albertville, Alabama. The home was later demolished but stood on the court house square across the street from the court house. Levi Isbell was the brother of our James Isbell. Levi Isbell married Sarah “Sallie” Birdwell and James Isbell married her sister Elizabeth Birdwell. James and Elizabeth Isbell are my third great-grandparents on my Murray line. The Murrays who married Isbells moved from around Paint Rock and Larkinsville in Jackson County, Alabama sometime between 1865-1870 to Colbert County, then Franklin County, Alabama.

1930 Isbell Reunion at home of Levi Isbell

Close, but no brass ring…

is this photo of Biddie Peters Jones’ home in Jackson County, Alabama. It is the closest thing found to a photo of any of the Murray, Peters, Isbell, Birdwell, Talkington, and Houk families that were in Jackson County while Alabama was still Native American land. Those descendants in Colbert and Franklin County, Alabama will appreciate this one photo. So, will the descendants in South Carolina, California, Oklahoma and other states throughout the country.

Those who have researched and know of William Murray and his son John M Murray; and John M Murray’s children, William Deaton Jackson “John” Murray, Tobiatha Ann, Obedianah “Biddie” and Deaton Murray also know of the Houk and Peters family connections. Biddie Peters was named to honor Obedinah Murray who was also called “Biddie.” Obedinah “Biddie” Peters married Robert Lee Jones; she was Obedianah Murray Peters’ granddaughter by her son Uriah Peters and his second wife, Amanda Herndon.

Biddie Peters Jones and Robert Lee Jones' house

Obedinah "Biddie" Peters Jones and Robert Lee Jones' house