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The Goodloe family from Cherokee…

was a large family with roots in the Colbert county area, and well-respected. This photo of one of the sons from the Cherokee, Colbert County family of Goodloes will be a part of the telling of the Goodloe family history and will be featured in our future book. This photo was taken during a family reunion in 1917 in Smyrna, Tennessee. Smyrna is in Rutherford County where this Goodloe son relocated to and raised a family of children. He died and is buried there as well.

photo of the Goodloe family reunion in 1917

Back row, left-to-right:
William Ray Goodloe, Dr. James Bostick, James Camp Goodloe, Jr., Mrs. Max Holland Goodloe (Florence Hull Goodloe), Max Holland Goodloe, Calvin White Goodloe, Frank Grant Goodloe

Front row, left-to-right:
James T. Bostick, Charles Goodloe Bostick, Mrs. Faith Goodloe Bostick, James Camp Goodloe Sr., William H. Bostick, Mrs James Camp Goodloe (Faith White Goodloe), Jean Goodloe, Mrs. Frank G Goodloe (Enna M Goodloe?), Nelle Goodloe

Those in the photograph were named by  the great-grandson of Max and Florence Goodloe and the great-great-grandson of James Camp Goodloe, T. Berkeley Goodloe

James Camp Goodloe married Mary Catherine Kate White and they had the following known children: Faith White Goodloe 1877 – 1971, Camp Lee Goodloe 1880 – 1898, Michael Goodloe 1884 –    (this is possibly same person as Max Holland Goodloe), Max Holland Goodloe 1885 – 1978, Frank Grant Goodloe 1886 –   , William Ray Goodloe 1890 – 1948, Calvin White Goodloe 1891 –  , Thomas B Goodloe 1893 –   , and James Camp Goodloe Jr 1895 – 1941.