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Two pictures and one or two pieces of paper…

seems to be all that documents that Evaline Casey ever existed on God’s green earth. Everyone deserves more than that.

Evaline Casey, daughter of Willis Robert Lucas Casey and Anna Manus Casey was born 1887 in Center Star, Lauderdale County, Alabama. Most of the family pronounced her named as though it was spelled Everlean. Her father was kicked by a mule or horse and died as a result of his injuries while Evaline’s mother was carrying her second daughter and youngest child. She lived her adult life in the home¬† of her sister and family.

Evaline¬†Casey was never married. She died in 1951. She is buried in an unmarked grave at the head of her sister and her sister’s husband at Cottingham Cemetery in Lawrence County, Alabama. She rests next to her mother Mary Anna Manus Casey whose grave also lies unmarked.

The only two photos that are known to exist of her are featured below.

Evaline Casey