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OMG, seriously…

Oh, My God! Thank the Lord above for all that may be about to ‘be.’

Through His grace, He gives the knowledge and ability to do great things that will benefit all mankind. He touches mankind often through other individuals to benefit even the unknowing, the unfeeling, the uncaring, the unaware, the unbelieving, undeserving,  and the ungrateful. Those who know me well know for an absolute that this is not how I begin any conversation.

But this is H-U-G-E!

My children are affected by many diseases and conditions that I [moi] have passed down to them through the genetic process. There is the Malignant Hyperthermia that has affected many in the family, most especially myself and my daughter. My eldest son is now a ‘chair’ user because of myopathy that was finally diagnosed as ‘related to Malignant Hyperthermia’ by those at Emory University Hospital, and after initial help from the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He is one of Jerry’s Kids even though he is no longer a child. The doctors and medical personnel at MDA and Emory were patient and listened and did not dismiss him as having a ‘make believe’ condition. He intelligently guided the doctors to ‘find’ the condition even though it may have been masked by other benign symptoms. Only a couple of doctors at Emory had given the adequate amount of time to actually witness the presenting problem. These doctors were astounded at how the synapses exploded on their monitors with the triggered bursts of calcium. Thank the Good Lord for them.

You see, we do not know whether the others would have the same problem because they have been healthy enough not to require surgery or anaesthesia. I don’t know whether those are the lucky ones or not; since it is relied upon that the personnel take the threat seriously and take the necessary precautions; the precautions are time-consuming and often expensive. There are no short cuts.

Then there is the Amblyopia, the Diabetes, the tumor, the strokes, the hypertension and the allergies that lead to asthma. You get the picture. No sympathy is elicited here; I just wanted everyone to understand how miraculous this might be, if not for my loved ones, then perhaps for yours. And I can think of no one else to credit other than the big man upstairs.

Someone, a  hithertofore unknown individual, has effected the power of healing from within. I know, it is a miracle. This is an overnight sensation. It is too bad it took twenty years or so to perfect this overnight success. A remarkable substance extracted from pig guts enables the body to regenerate lost muscle tissue. Adam Piore writes in the July/August 2011 issue of Discover magazine that pioneer Stephen Badylak is working on treatments that would allow patients to regrow entire limbs. Enough. Enough, I say about ‘the pigs in a blanket’ that we heard this last week from testimony in the Casey Anthony trial; this is important. And, yes mother, evidently they can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – at least close enough to government work for me. And for those who were young during the 1960s, no the ‘pixie dust’  is not LSD.

Lord, please let your ‘pixie dust’ regenerate atrophied muscle tissue. It has been shown to regrow lost fingertips. The documented case of regrowing thigh muscle in the case presented in the article is astounding, stupendous, amazing! The leg was in need of amputation said the experts to Corporal Isaias Hernandez, a nineteen-year-old Iraq marine wounded while on duty; you would be better off with a prosthesis which would come with less pain. Then ensued medical

Cpl Isaias Herandez' thigh

Photograph by Scott Lewis from Discover Magazine page 69, July/August 2011 Issue showing Marine Cpl Isaias Hernandez' regenerated thigh tissue

procedures and three years of intense physical therapy, but to no avail. Recently talk of amputation had begun again.  Then his well-being took a dramatic turn when he viewed a documentary on the Discovery Channel dealing with a ‘magic powder’ that regrew another soldier’s fingertip with nail, bone, tissue and all. The other soldier’s brother is the one who invented and provided the ‘pixie dust.’

For the Corporal there were more rounds of intense physical therapy and surgery that included the insertion of a portion of a pig’s bladder known as ECM [extracellular matrix]which is the same source for material that is made into the ‘pixie dust.’ It had been believed to contain powerful proteins that can reawaken the body’s latent ability to regenerate tissues. Trials are now being conducted, that if successful, they could fundamentally change the treatment for catastrophic limb injuries.

The story of Stephen Badylak, regenerative-medicine pioneer, says this changes “the body’s default mechanism of healing.” His background in the most unlikely of fields led to disbelief in the medical field of experts. He became quiet of his results for years because no seemed to believe him. He then entered medical school and became an M.D. so that he could conduct his own research with the knowledge base of a doctor and researcher. And, viola! Twenty years or so later, his results are now a matter of public knowledge. He is an overnight sensation. Good for him; and good for mankind.

Source: Piore, Adam. Discover Magazine. July/August 2011 Issue, pages 68-73. Photography by Scott Lewis.