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And the lights came on in Sheffield…

Below is an interesting bit of history for Sheffield and Colbert County, Alabama:
Messrs. J. A. May and C. B. Ashe Lease Light and Water Plants
TUSCUMBIA, Jan. 8. An important deal for Sheffield, in which Mr. J. A. May, of Tuscumbia, is interested, was consummated several days ago.
Mr. J. A. May and Mr. C. B. Ashe, of Sheffield, have leased the property of Consolidated Water, Light & Power Company, of Sheffield, and will operate the electric light plant.
It is probable that Tuscumbia will have a telephone exchange of its own in the near future. The Citizen’s Telephone Company, of Florence, contemplates establishing an exchange in this city, which will also be connected with the Florence exchange. The Citizen’s Company has been contesting the field in Florence with the Bell Telephone Company for a year, and has many subscribers.[Source: Daily Mercury newspaper, published in Huntsville, Alabama, 9 Jan 1897, Page 3, Column 5]

Ron Russell…

was featured in the Times Daily on 4 June 1961. Does Ron Russell still live in Sheffield? Does any one remember him?

P.S. Ladies did you catch the price of a one carat total diamond ring set at $219? And a sofa for $159.95?

Ron Russell

Ron Russell, man of Sheffield steel

The Sheffield water tower…

is a landmark one recalls when Remembering the Shoals.

Sheffield Water Tower

Sheffield Water Tower