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Did anyone ever meet her…

that did not love her? That question is asked about Mary Frances King, nee Davenport.

She was the daughter of Lee Gregory and Dee Davenport. Lee Gregory was one of the daughters of Elmer Gregory and Alice Sparks Gregory. She was a Sheffield girl. Frances and Lacey King’s children are Robert King and Evelyn King Lackey. This is a very musical family. Evelyn plays the dulcimer very well. And Robert’s son Tanner King was a star in the Show Choir at Florence High School. Robert’s son, Tanner is a Florence High School Alumni, as he graduated in 2012 Tanner is currently a student at UNA in Florence Alabama. Tanner has formed a group call Cypress & Ivy a duo group.

Post memories of Frances King. She would like that.

Mary Frances Davenport King

Gregory and Sparks family…

members were spread throughout the Shoals area. Many descendants live in the Shoals area today.

The lady in the fine hat in the graphic is Alice Gregory. This Alice Gregory is the daughter of Smith David Gregory and Sarah Ann Francis Lucas Gregory. She was the oldest sister of Elmer Gilbert Gregory. She married Adolph Zosel; she moved to Ontario, Canada after living up north for quite a while and there she is buried. Sarah Ann Francis Gregory, widowed, married Daniel Newton Hand and had several Hand children.

The funeral scene is of the other Alice Gregory. Her maiden name was Alice Sparks, daughter of William Thomas Sparks and Mollie Norwood (sometimes written as Narmore) Sparks. She married Elmer Gilbert Gregory. William Thomas and Mollie Sparks are buried at Morning Star Cemetery in Colbert County. Methel Estelle Gregory was a daughter of Elmer and Alice Gregory. Although, you may see the name Gregory, Gregor, and MacGregor for different family members went by different derivations of the name.

Elmer G MacGregor went by the MacGregor name. He was called Mac by friends and family. Sparks might fly when a discussion of the name occurs. Elmer buried his wife Alice Sparks as a McGregor; but his children buried him as a Gregory. I have a copy of the death certificate for Alice McGregor in my possession.

The male pictured is a Gregory for that is written on the back of the photo. He is one of the Gregory brothers: Elmer, Lucian, or Elijah Gregory. Wistfulness on my part wants it to be Elmer.

The lady pictured in the plaid is a sister to Sarah Ann Francis Lucas Gregory. Her name is Eliza Jane Lucas. She married a Hutto.

Gregory and Sparks of Colbert County