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Popcorn, Peanuts, cigars, cigarettes…

cigarillos? Somebody must have wanted cigarettes or cigarillos, but somebody got them some Peanut instead the other night, and not in a good way. 

PeanutWe call him Peanut. And we love him. Everybody loves Peanut. And everybody wants to know the answer to our burning question. WHO did this to Peanut? WHAT did this to Peanut as to do something as heinous as this had to be a what and not a who. Pray for Peanut and his speedy recovery.

The other night Peanut was assaulted, rather badly, and then he was dumped out to live or die in the Spring Valley community of Colbert County, Alabama. How many of you have given Peanut a ride somewhere? Stand up. Right now. Testify. With little doubt you likely gave him a little something something to put in his pocket as well.

We call him Peanut, but we could just as well call him Mr. Light and Sunshine. For helping him along his way always provides the grantor a little light and sunshine in their day. The Shoals area has always been one big neighborhood when it comes to protecting and providing for the defenseless. Do you remember Marvin from downtown Sheffield? Do you remember Barney who walked everywhere and rather rapidly if I recall correctly? And there have been others.

Can you recall Barney and that he seemed to lean forward and his speed when walking was a clip? I had always thought his fast walking was for exercise benefits. After Barney died a nurse told me that it was miraculous that Barney could even walk. She did not see how he could walk. At the time of his death she saw his feet. From her facial contortions as she described his club feet, it was evident that they were gnarled knobs, not feet. They were not feet that would be comfortable to walk on, yet he did walk. He walked everywhere. From Tuscumbia to Sheffield, then from Sheffield to Tuscumbia.

In Cherokee, they adopted Donald Thompson. Donald was a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan, likely the biggest fan of Alabama ever born. He loved sports, but was not healthy enough to play. So, he did the next best thing. He helped the coaches. At his funeral not so very long ago, someone remarked they had never seen so many big hulking athletic types, many coaches, seated all together on pews and everyone of them either sobbing or trying to hold back the sobs. He was beloved. They were beloved by him.

Now the hearts of the Shoals, the one great big neighborhood, belongs to Peanut. Peanut is beloved by almost everybody who meets him. And he loves them right back.

The local news reported on the incident. The report is hereStephen Michael, who is referred to as Peanut by those who love him,  is reported to be forty-six years old, is with his seventy-year-old mother in the photo that accompanied the report of the incident. There are unverified reports that the perpetrator was laughing about the incident in public.

Peanut was pistol whipped, robbed of his last five dollars, and dumped on the side of a county road

Peanut was pistol whipped, robbed of his last five dollars, and dumped on the side of a county road