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The Classmates of 1936 at Spring Valley School…

in Colbert County, Alabama all sit pretty for their photograph. This must have been a difficult time for those families in the Shoals area. This was during the Great Depression and times were hard. But look at how nicely these schoolchildren are dressed; they must have been a source of great pride for their families.

Please help identify those in the photograph. First row on left is Lacey King. Lacey is remarried now and lives in our home which was next door to my maternal grandparents, Robert and Drue Peebles. Lacey King married Frances Davenport and they had Evelyn and Robert King. Frances King was the daughter of Lee Gregory and Dee Davenport. Robert King is the one who shared this beautiful old photo with us. I wonder if any of the Lentz’ are in the photo for they may have been about that age. Can you tag the photo with those you can identify, please?

1936 Spring Valley School

1936 Spring Valley School