The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Lawrence County

That David Crockett was very prominent in our family lines…

he even married at least one of our allied ancestors.

I am in the process of proving a number of different family lines that date back to a patriot who either served or contributed in the Revolutionary War. Among those is Jeremiah Lucas. Some of the documentation of his patriotic service follows:

  • 1779   Age: 31 Roster of SC Patriots

Jeremiah Lucas enlisted in the Third Regiment on 10 Mar 1779 and was discharged in August 1779

  • 1780  Age: 32

    South Carolina

    Jeremiah served in the militia under Colo. Roebuck after the fall of Charleston (Roster of S. Carolina Patriots in the American Revolutionary War).

  • 1786 19 Aug  Age: 38

Jeremiah Lucas Rev pay Description: Militia pay since fall of Charleston in Roebucks Regiment

Jeremiah Lucas was the father of our Willis Lucas who was a Physician. Willis Lucas, M D was the father of our Sarah Frances Lucas who married Jacob Duckett Casey as his third wife and had our Willis Robert Lucas Casey who was born about 1841 in Lauderdale County, Alabama.

Jeremiah Lucas and wife Sarah Willis Ingram Lucas had ten known children. They were: Joseph Lucas 1773 – 1848, Ingram William Lucas 1777 – 1841, George Lucas 1782 – 1855, Jesse Lucas who was born 1788, Jeremiah Lucas born 1791, William “Willie” Lucas 1793 – 1861, Peggy Lucas born 1797, and Sarah Elizabeth H Lucas who was born 9 January 1801 in Union County, South Carolina; she died 13 July 1851 in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas.

Davy Crockett home

Home of Davy Crockett in Lawrence County, Tennessee

Sarah Elizabeth H. Lucas married John Hampton Hamilton, son of Jeremiah & Ann (Hampton) Hamilton on 7 Jul 1819 in Davy Crockett’s home, Lawrence County, Tennessee. The marriage was solemnized by Davy Crockett.

Place and Cause of death as transcribed from the Family Bible by Levin Hamilton and in a letter to Uncle Asberry & Aunt Liza Hamilton, dated August 13, 1882, Paris, Texas reads:  “Sarah H. Hamilton died at Greenville, Texas July 13, 1851 aged 50 years 6 mo 4 days- of fever. Her end was peaceful and happy rejoicing that she was going home to join those who had gone before “Blessed are the Dead who die in Lord”. C. A. Warfield.

Sarah Elizabeth H Polly Lucas Hamilton

Sarah Lucas Hamilton was the third person to be buried in East Mount Cemetery, Greenville, Hunt County Texas [Source: Honorable Mention Early Families Hunt Co, TX  R976.4272, Vol 3, page 34; record is located at the Dallas Public Library]. Her grave marker cannot be found and a letter to cemetery department brought news that the records went no further back than 1920. A fire had destroyed the records before that. After the fire a census was taken and if the grave was unmarked or unreadable they simply put “unknown”.

Known children of John Hampton Hamilton and Sarah Elizabeth H Lucas Hamilton were : William Carroll “Bill” Hamilton born 1820; Ann Hampton Hamilton Adams born 1821; Joseph Decator  Hamilton born 1822; Martha Parrom Hamilton Warfield born 1824; Jane Anderson Hamiton Tennyson born  1825; Jeremiah Jay “Jerry” Hamilton born 1826; Asberry Francis Hamilton born 1828; Joshua Butcher Hamilton born 1829; John Hampton Hamilton born 1831; Sarah Elizabeth Washington Hamilton Wilson born 30 Apr 1834; and George Willis Washington Hamilton born 30 Apr 1834.

There is no grave marker, but she was the third person buried in East Mount Cemetery. Over time her marker has been lost. East Mount Cemetery is located in Greenville in Hunt County, Texas.

Sarah Elizabeth H “Polly” Lucas Hamilton has qualified for the distinction of the Citizen Medallion of the Republic of Texas. The Citizen Medallion is to mark the graves or cenotaphs of people whose residence was in The Republic of Texas before 19 February 1846 before Texas became a state.

  • Citizen medallion Republic of Texas

Our forefathers worked hard to make a living for their families…

and the cotton mills in northern Alabama and southern Tennessee allowed them to do just that.

This is a photo of Laurel Hills Cotton Mill Workers, Laurel Hill, Lawrence County Tennessee

People Who Worked At Laurel Hill Cotton Factory Taken From 1880. Transcribed Lawrence Co. 
Census 12th District.

Name Age Page No. In Census Job title
Absolom 21 262  
Brewer, Ada 11 263  
Brewer, Araminta 12 263  
Brewer, Henry 14 263  
Brewer, James 19 260  
Brewer, M. F. 13 263  
Brewer, Malissa 19 259  
Brewer, Margaret 34 263  
Brewer, Mary J. 18 264  
Brewer, Rachel 15 263  
Brewer, Sarah E. 13 263  
Brewer, Sophronia 21 263  
Brewer, Thomas 16 263  
Brewer, Wade 15 259  
Bullion, Charity 38 263  
Corcoran, Alice 12 264  
Corcoran, Florence 16 264  
Corcoran, Henry 23 262 (Weaver)
Corcoran, John 10 264  
Corcoran, Patrick 59 264  
Corcoran, Sallie 14 264  
Corcoran, Thomas 28 264  
Corcoran, Willis 9 264  
Couch, Angie 27 265  
Couch, Emily 35 265  
Cox, Eddie 18 264  
Davis, Elizabeth 15 263  
Davis, Jeff             18 263  
Fife, Georgia A. 28 263  
Fife, Hannah 25 263  
Fife, Lidia 19 263  
Gordon, John A. J. 10 262  
Gordon, Leona 12 262  
Gordon, Matilda 19 262  
Green, Jane 40 263  
Hall, Fannie 38 263  
Holloway, David 14 262  
Holloway, Delila 8 262  
Holloway, Mary K. 10 262  
Holloway, Sarah E. 12 262  
Jones, Clark 29 261 (Cotton Mfg.)
Jones, W. C. 32 261 (Cotton Mfg.)
Laughter, Florence 16 264  
Laughter, Sterling 19 264  
Lee, Allie 17 265  
Lee, Dora 10 265  
Lee, Hardy 7 265  
Lee, Lidia A. 13 265  
Lee, Mary J. 15 265  
Lee, Sallie 11 265  
Martin, Jennie 19 265  
Massey, Rhoda 27 265  
Morton, Samuel 35 265 (Carder)
Mosley, Jo. 25 264 (Machinist)
Norman, James 28 262 (Waggoner) ??
Partridge, Thomas 21 264  
Riley, John 25 264  
Simpson, Evan 18 262 (Weaver)
Simpson, Jackie 13 262 (Weaver)
Staggs, Clarenda 16 265  
Staggs, Eb 51 264 (Watchman)
Staggs, Emilene 16 265  
Staggs, Fredonia 25 263  
Staggs, Jane 23 265  
Staggs, Martha 21 265  
Staggs, Mary 26 265  
Staggs, Meridy 24 265  
Staggs, Thomas 15 265  
Styles, Laten 47 264 (Boss Weaver)
Wesley, John 29 261 (Blacksmith) ??
Wilson, Moses 50 261 (Waggoner) ??
Wooley, William 15 265  

There were 400 people that lived on Laurel Hill. 80 worked in the cotton mill.
Compiled by Lawrence Archives, Lawrenceburg, TN, February 2011. By Wayne Austin via Mary Bob McClain.