The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history


Sheffield High School’s…

spirit was high that year. And it was a very good year. We are Remembering the Class of 1957. That was a year of many changes. And on December 1st of 1956 Joe Vengrouskie had a surprise waiting on him when he returned home from school. Joe must have done a double take when he saw a steer in his front yard. Pauline Vengrouskie, his mother, won a “jingle” contest, and a steer was delivered from El Paso, Texas to their home on Annapolis Ave. It was a good thing that there was a fence around Joe’s house to contain the steer and to keep it safe from neighborhood dogs, According to the newspaper article the steer was afraid of dogs. No doubt, Joe Vengrouskie, sold it or maybe they ate it.

Remembering the Class of 1957

C M Brewster Elementary…

class of 1978. Mrs. Long was the teacher.

Mrs Long's 1978 Class at C M Brewster Elementary

You may recognize some of the friendly faces…

in this photo from C. M. Brewster Elementary in Sheffield, Colbert County, Alabama. In this photo are:  Melissa Spires Hall, Jay Mulendorf, Lee Farmer, David Painter, Jeff Andrews, Kim Hogland , Kerrie Ingle, Clay Ivey,  Melissa Hargett, Patrick Gunn, Holley Evans Randolph, Bart Brocato, Angela Turley, Robbin Liles Spinner, Tracy Austin, Stephanie Lawler White, Jill Jackson, Scott Holcomb. This was a class photo from 1979; Mrs. Gaskins was the teacher.

Mrs Gaskins class at C M Brewster Elementary 1979