The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Memory lane is a sweet lane to travel down…

O'Neal Bridge - The Shoals, AL (Southern Bluff...

and sometimes pictures say it best. There is a group that is trying to restore the neon signs that were atop the Coca-Cola Bottling Company during my generations youth, before, and beyond. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company was as the crest of the hill just past O’Neal Bridge on Court Street in Florence for decades. It was across the street from the Holiday Inn. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company had a pair of neon signs that were the colors of their logo, red and white. The red bars on the neon signs would go up and down. The sequence of the lights caught the eye of those stopped at the nearby red light. They were memorable. Fragments of the memories of childhood, both the signs and the WOWL-TV owl sign across the street on the corner of the embankment at the Holiday Inn.

The neon signs were taken down and stored in 2004; as late as last year there were hopes that they could be restored and placed again on the streets of Florence, Alabama.  It is not known when the WOWL owl sign was taken down. One eye was a red light that signaled caution as there had been a fatality in the area; while the green light meant all was safe for the present. Both building have been torn down now. They were both iconic. Florence just is not the same.

Below are some of the photos of the signs and buildings:

Reproduction of WOWL sign Coca-Cola Bottling Company 1950s CocaCola Bottling Company in Florence Sign comes down in 2004 CocaCola Bottling Company view from Holiday Inn Coca Cola bottling plant 1975

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