The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Postcards from the edge…

well, not really postcards, but letters from the past. And the Shoals area has a past very saturated with historic people, happenings, places, and events. Take, for instance, one Amos Brenneman.

photo of Amos Brenneman from Sheffield, Alabama, World War I soldier

Amos Brenneman was born 13 July 1898 and died 9 February 1956. He and other family members are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Sheffield, Alabama. Amos Brenneman was a soldier of World War I. He served in Company C, 167th U.S. Infantry, served overseas, and was injured in combat at Croix Rouge Farm in France on July 26, 1918.
photo of Amos Brenneman World War I Soldier
The dates of his nine letters extend from 22 July 1917 to 17 January 1919. Amos Brenneman remained in the military after the war, eventually achieving the rank of Master Sergeant. His brother Roy also served. The letters will be shared here:
22 July 1917 Letter 1
22 July 1917 Letter 1 page 2
22 July 1917 Letter 1 page 3
Each letter will be published as a separate article so that size can be maintained.
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