The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Straight from the horse’s mouth…

Communism was here

Communism was here (Photo credit: Lonely_Freak)

is where this account comes from. It is from a ‘friend’ on my Facebook Community Page Remembering the Shoals.

All I can say is my jaw just hit the floor and my eyes are wide open. If she wants her name made public, then she can comment on this article with her name, otherwise, just know that it is somebody we all know. Update: she has given permission to use her name, and she is June Winegardner White.

Below is the text in her own hand:

I started backpacking Europe in the mid 80s.  I bought a how-to book, a backpack and a Eurail pass.  I was a college student with a history major and a political science minor.  My goal was to see the places I had studied about and meet the people who lived in those places.  I spent 3 weeks each year traveling, meeting people and keeping a journal.  Sometimes a friend or family member would go with me but when I decided to go into communist countries no one wanted to go.  Some didn’t want to go out of fear but others were just not interested in seeing communism up close and personal.
In 1986, I persuaded my college adviser to help me design a 6 week trip to eastern Europe that would allow me to get college credit for the trip.  I flew into Frankfort, Germany and took a train into Berlin where I entered the world of communism for the next six weeks.  I had already made one side trip into Russia and Poland for a week and saw enough to know I wanted to return.
Friends I had made in Poland gave me the use of an apartment that belonged to a family member.  It was centrally located and my friends spoke a little English so I felt comfortable there.  They had asked me to bring a bottle of cognac with me from America.  That was the payment they wanted for me using the apartment.  The price was right so I wagged the bottle all the way from Oklahoma to Sierpc, Poland.
One of my Polish friends had a pregnant family member and no money to pay her doctor.  They had subsidized health care provided by the government so the doctor was paid for but he would not provide any anesthesia because that was considered unnecessary. She’d had a difficult delivery with her first child and no anesthesia and was petrified of facing another delivery without it.  The doctor had told her he would provide the anesthesia if she could get him a bottle of cognac from America.  He thought it was an impossibility for her so he said it more as a taunt than anything.  When I got there we marched into the doctor’s office with the bottle and through an interpreter I told him the bottle would be his AFTER the delivery of the child WITH anesthesia.  At first he insisted on me giving him the bottle then but I refused and started to walk out with the bottle.  He called me back and said I could bring him the bottle on the day of the delivery.  I agreed but only with the stipulation that the baby be delivered before the bottle was.  He agreed and that’s how she got her anesthesia for the birth of her 2nd child.
This same doctor had treated her before she married for a broken nose she sustained from a car accident.  The nose didn’t heal properly on its own so she went to the doctor to see what he could do.  He told her he would have to rebreak it and he did……..with a rubber hammer…..without anesthesia.

There you have ObamaCare in a nutshell.

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