The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

What is the phrase?

UAB Obelisk

Obelish at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Oh yeah, put your Heart in Dixie or get your ass out! And, oh how I do miss Dixie…the real D-I-X-I-E!!  Florida is not Dixie, not by a long shot.  The following is a true story. It was related to me yesterday by a friend. It makes me sad. Real. Sad. Sad with a capital S.

My friend with the same last name as me, though we have no family relation, is an awesome lady. She is tiny. She is smart. She loves God. She loves her country. She is much more well-travelled than me, because like my husband’s father, her Dad was in the military and they travelled to foreign countries. One of her girls was delivered in a hospital in France. Now that was a funny story to share someday.

She, with an inquiring mind, joined the Socrates Cafe recently. This is one of the more than two hundred clubs, classes, and activities that can be enjoyed down here in our complex. The founding principle of the Socrates Cafe is to form a club of members who also have inquiring minds. In meetings a topic is chosen by the group and all opinions are allowed to be discussed freely and openly. Ha! Mind you that there are few real native Floridians down here; and even fewer residents from the Heart of Dixie. Now I know why.

I forget the topic for discussion, likely the state of the economy.  And I forget just what happened to the thesis of the meeting. It does not matter anyway now. The topics in order were: the economy briefly, Republicans, the Tea Party and those from the south.

Their collective opinion of Republicans was the typical spiel of typical left-liberal-loons. My take on their words was this: you must pity these poor [financially and intellectually] creatures because they cling to their religion, their guns, and their God. None of the “Republican” ideas were worth a big pile of salt. They droned on and on about this. How many of you, like me, would have asked Palinesque style, “Well, how is all that hopey-changey stuff working out for ya after almost three years?” Oh, yeah, their favorite Republican was Sarah Palin. I think they wanted to impale Palin during that narrative, at least figuratively. Mind you, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am a registered Independent voter, so no towing any party line for me. My friend tried to contribute a dissenting view, but was completely and totally shut out of the conversation. So, she listened and learned.

The Tea Party was the topic of the next line of discussion. If it was possible, their esteem of the Tea Party was even less than the Republican (with a capital R) Party. They believed these creatures to be depraved, both financially and intellectually; and even more so than the regular Republican party members.  Not only did the Tea Partiers cling senselessly to their religion, their God, and their guns…they had arsenals of guns…and big ones…and they were sharpshooters. The one topic dealing with the economy was the financial backing for the Tea Party. The question arose of just where does the Tea Party get their money. There was a lot of divergent interpretation about from where the money was emanating. A little frustrated that there was no clear-cut way to determine the source of the money, the closing argument was: “So what. We have George Soros!!” Now if I had something to drink in my mouth, it would have exploded all over my friend’s  face when she related this tidbit of information. Uh huh.

The final topic of discussion was those from the south. One participant told of having lived in Birmingham. That is in Alabama, you know. Alabama as in the Heart of Dixie. She stated that she did not like living in Alabama. Why did you not like living there asked another. She went on to say because people are not very smart there. My friend related this statement to her husband who asked did the woman not know about UAB in Birmingham? And knowing the people of the great state of Alabama as I do, I know that they would provide the same care and treatment for the woman who does not like the people of Alabama should she ever need a heart transplant. Personally, I think she may already need a heart transplant, but UAB could not help in that department right now.

Further, my friend was not given the opportunity to tell them…that as small as she is that she is carded and carries a gun. She carries it for her own personal safety in her purse – a Ruger something or another. And she has a whole arsenal at home. She is a former police Sergeant and a weapons expert. She trains the shooters. She also belongs to the R party and is a Tea Party adherent. She considers herself a daughter of the south because she lives in Florida, But best of all, she clings. Now, wouldn’t they be surprised?

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