The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Would you ever have thought…

Isham B Roberts and Susannah E Hyler Roberts
Isham B Roberts and Susannah E Hyler Roberts

to look in Ft. Payne or Collinsville or Lebanon in DeKalb County for relatives?

Some of you will find this couple to be among your ancestors. The photo is of Isham B Roberts and his first wife Susannah E Hyler Roberts. Isham B Roberts was born 12 Feb 1817 in Marion, Alabama. His death occurred 26 Dec 1900 near Collinsville in  DeKalb County, Alabama. He and his first wife Susannah E Hyler Roberts were married 1837. They had a large family of children: Harriet Amanda Roberts 1837 – 1899, Nancy A Roberts 1839 – 1925, William C Roberts 1841 – 1929, John C Roberts 1843 – 1864, Cordelia Emaline”Delia” Roberts 1844 –   , Caney Roberts 1846 –   , Mary Jane Roberts 1847 – 1909, Lucious Franklin Roberts 1853 – 1925, Warren Jayhue Roberts 1854 – 1917, George Washington Roberts 1855 – 1935, Eliza Effie Roberts 1858 – 1909, and Arminda Roberts 1859 –  .
Isham B Roberts second wife was Nevada Parish who first married a Johnson. Isham and Nevada Johnson were married 26 December 1888 likely in Ft Payne, Alabama. This marriage gave birth to one known child: Freeman M Roberts 1890 – 1937. There was at least one Johnson child by Nevada’s first marriage.
Isham Roberts was a member of the Lamar County Alabama Militia during the Florida War. He held the rank of Private. Other Roberts men who served during that war were: Caleb, Ford, Elijah, Drury, James M, John W, and Mitchell Roberts.
Isham B Roberts was born 12 or 14 February 1817; at his death 26 December 1900 he was buried at Lebanon Cemetery in Lebanon, DeKalb County,  Alabama.

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