The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Sheffield High School Band of 1984…

led by Mr. Irby attends the Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville, Tennesee.

Some of those identified in the photo are: Christopher Cantrell, Melissa Spires Hall, Mia McElroy, Sheneese Short, David Bo Matthews, Mark McCutchen, Kathy Driskell, Jeff Roland, Jennifer Mussard, Amy Thrasher, Gregg Hall, Brooke Perry, Traci Hamilton, William H Reynolds, Loren McCall, Mary Beth Harris Hall, James Barry Cochran, Rajest Boorgu, James Irby, Regina Stovall, Karl Long, Kellie Ingram, Shannon Ayers, Alicia Hall, Seth Lewey, Ellen Milam Aday, Bart Brocato, Pam Fosset, Gina Wells Van Devender, Lynne Mayfield Morris, Kerrie Ingle, Eric David, Stephanie Moore, Renée Frederick Cox, and Michael Coleman. It would be very helpful if someone would tag this photo with the names.

Sheffield High School 1984 Band at the Dogwood Arts Festival 


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