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Ned Hays and his family…

vintage 1901. Ned is pictured with his new wife and his five sons.  They lived at Chickasaw in Colbert County, Alabama. Chickasaw was renamed Riverton and many Hays descendants live there today. Still others live in Cherokee and on the other side of  US Highway 72 in the county. The spelling of the name varies in documents over the span of years; sometimes it is spelled Hays and other times it is spelled Hayes. Historically, the name was Hayes and then some of the surname started going by Hays here in America.

Charles Nathaniel Ned Hays Family 1901 in Chickasaw Alabama 

Information  from the book “Hays-Hayes Kinfolk and Allied Families”  authored by Cora Isbell and published in 1976 states:

Our  family line Hays/Hayes decends from Jesse Hays a resident of Lauderdale County, Alabama (approx. 1830-1845?) later he moved to Franklin (now Colbert) County, Alabama (1845) where he died around 1859. his father was Kinchen Hays of Northampton County, North Carolina for which our information is very sketchy.

Jesse Hays worked as a tutor to the Wilcox (Wilcoxson) family and married one of the daughters. He was married to Sarah Ann Wilcoxson, and known children are:

  • Eliza Ann (born about 1836) Lauderdale County, Alabama
  • Sylvia Bell born April 7, 1837  Lauderdale County, Alabama                                                                                   
  • Mary S. born July 9, 1839 Lauderdale County, Alabama
  • Henry D. (Richard) abt. 1842
  • John Jesse born Aug 3, 1844 Lauderdale or Franklin
  • Isaac D. abt. 1847 (Died as Child?)
  • Edward Tustin April 15, 1856 in Franklin County, Alabama USA

Before Cora Isbell died she found proof that Jesse Hays born ca 1803 was the son of Kinchen Hays and Sylva Bell Hays, daughter of Samuel Bell of Northampton County, North Carolina. A deed in Lauderdale County, Alabama from Mary Parker to “my grandson Jesse Hays” identifies her as widow of Samuel Parker of Northampton County, North Carolina.  Mary was a Kinchen before she married  to Samuel. When Kinchen died in 1805 Jesse and brother Cornelious were wards of Darius Parker. When he died they were made wards of Josiah Parker. Sylva remarried Henry Sauls. Some of these families moved to Alabama.

Mary Dawson Kinchen was married twice. Her husbands were Arthur Hays and Samuel Parker. Arthur Hayes was Kinchen Hays’ father. Kinchen Hays was Jesse H. Hays’ father. Mary Dawson Kinchen’s mother was a Dawson.

Arthur Hays was born 1750 in Pennsylvania and died in North Carolina in 1833.  Quite a number of Hays children were born around 1750 in Pennsylvania, according to the American Biographical and Genealogical Index. A partial list of those listed as born were: Asa, Ada, Andrew, Archibald, Charles, David, Enoch, Elizabeth, George, Henry, Hugh, Jacob, James, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Koper, Magdalen, Margaret, Nathan, Nathaniel, Mordecai, Samuel, Solomon and the list goes on.

Current research gives Jesse H Hays’ family of children as follows: Henry D Hayes 1835 – 1868, Elizabeth Ann Hayes 1836 –  , Mary S Hayes 1837 –  , Sylvia Bell Hays 1838 – 1912, Charles Richard Hayes 1841 –   , John Jesse Hays 1844 – 1924, Isaac D Hayes 1847 –   , Edward Tustin Hayes 1856 – 1933.

Edward Tustin Hays was born 1856 in Riverton, Colbert County, Alabama. He married Mary Isabelle Strong in Nov of 1882.  Mary Isabelle Strong was born 1866. Ed died in 1933 and Mary died in 1956. Together they had the following children:  William Jesse Hays 1885 –  , Callie Laurine Hays 1887 –  ,Wiley Lester Hays 1887 –   , Mertie Bell Hays 1888 –  , Thadius Hays 1891 –   , Amos Franklin Hayes 1894 –  , Elmer Hays 1896 –  , Dossie B Hays 1900 – 1962, Dorey Hays 1900 –  , Maud Maudie Hays 1900 –  , and Richard I L Hays 1906 –   .

Dossie Bell Hays married Caledonia Donia Bell Hall. Known children are: May Bell Hays 1925-1981 and Annie Olean 1927-1966.

Hays or Hayes descendants are numerous throughout the Shoals area.

5 responses

  1. Bill Gray

    My Hall family was from Riverton. And, my maternal aunt, Caldona “Dona” Belle Hall (b: Jun 20, 1905, d: Oct 18, 1977) married Dossie Bell Hays (b: Feb 25, 1900, d: Aug 26, 1962).

    Dossie and Dona had two daughters: Maybelle Hays Higgins (b: 1925, d: 1981) and Olean Hays Jones (b: 1927, d: 1966).

    Last year, a genealogy friend sent me the same Ned Hays photo you have posted. I am not sure how Dossie fits into Ned’s family – but, the time and the location, Riverton, tell me that I have a family link with Ned Hays.

    God bless, Bill Gray

    February 23, 2011 at 8:42 pm

  2. Blake Hays

    I am a decendant of Jesse Hays. My family is from the Cherokee/Riverton area. In the past few years, significant progress has been made in tracing the Hays family origins prior to Kinchen Hays. We can now trace it back to the 1300s in England, and we know that Captain Peter Hayes immigrated from England to Virginia, which is where this line of Hayes began in the US. There is a great deal of information about Captain Peter Hayes and the Hayes family in England online.

    April 4, 2012 at 5:32 am

  3. riley hays

    This is sweet thanks. Im related to luther m hays.

    November 22, 2012 at 11:58 am

    • james isbell

      I am Cora Isbell’s grandson. thank you for the updated information about captain Peter Hayes

      August 21, 2013 at 12:46 am

  4. Regina

    I have been looking for anyone who would be related to my GF Roy Wheeler Hayes. Roy was born December 1896 to the parents of Joseph Hayes and Anna. Anna’s maiden name was Schneider. I cannot locate information on my grand father prior to the age of 21 when he joined the service, went to Germany and married his wife, my GM, Marie Hayes. I have their marriage certificate from Germany and other documents stating his birth place; Cherokee, Alabama. I have been searching for years with not a trace of this man prior to his service dates. Does anyone have information on my GF. I think he had a brother names Clarence and not too sure of that either.

    May 25, 2015 at 8:57 am

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