The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

History is all around us…

but sometimes we just don’t write it down before it is gone. Poof!

Bluewater Freewill Baptist Men's Group

This is the Men’s Group from Bluewater Freewill Baptist Church in Lauderdale County, near Elgin Crossroads. There are three of the men whose names are known:

Chisholm Butler – 1st on left in front of seated row
Steven Emory McDonald – 5th from left, second row
Taylor Leman – kneeling, far right, with hat in hand

The date of the photo is not known at this time, but Chisholm Butler is known to have lived from, but wait there were several Chisholm Butler’s in Lauderdale County at  Blue Water Creek. All of them are buried at Gabriel Butler’s cemetery at Blue Water Creek.

They were:

Chisholm Butler who lived 1866-1951

Chisholm Butler who lived 20 Feb 1825  –  15 Sep 1895

Chisholm C Butler who lived  15 Sep 1879  – 16 Sep 1939

Chisholm D Butler who lived 14 Feb 1894 – 4 Jan 1900

These are all ancestors of people from the Shoals. Any help in dating the photo or adding names to those in the photo would be very helpful.


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