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Holland Court Records, part 1871, 1873, 1878…

Florence, Alabama

O'Neal Bridge

reveal some genealogical information that may be of interest to descendants.

Lauderdale County Alabama Archives: Court records for Holland, James L. “et al” May 4, 1871 Source: Lauderdale County, Alabama Probate Office Records Written: May 4, 1871

PETITIONS IN PROBATE COURT AFTER THE DEATH OF JAMES L. HOLLAND,1871: To the Hon. T.T. Allington, Probate Judge of Lauderdale Co. Alabama Your petitioners, JOHN WILLIAMS AND WILLIAM HOLLAND, citizen of said county show unto your Honor that JAMES HOLLAND, late of said county, died at his residence in said county on the 24th day of April, 1870 intestate. That he left surviving him BERSHEBA HOLLAND, his widow, WILLIAM HOLLAND, JANE HOLLAND, JOHN HOLLAND and PHEBEY SUE GEORGE, wife of HENRY GEORGE, his children all of whom are of age or married except JOHN HOLLAND who is 19 years of age. And all of whom reside in this county except PHEBEY SUE GEORGE and her husband HENRY GEORGE who reside in Bedford County, Tennessee. Your petitioner further states that said intestate died seized and possessed of real and personal estate estimated to be of the value of fifty thousand dollars. Petitioner JOHN WILLIAMS is the brother of said widow, and WILLIAM HOLLAND is the eldest son of said intestate, and the said widow is incapacitated from administering on said estate by reason of blindness, and it is the desire of all said heirs at law that petitioner take out letters of administration on said estate. They therefore ask your Honor that notice be given as required by law to said widow and heirs at law, and that your petitioner be appointed administrator of said estate and they will give bond and be qualified or such according to the law. JOHN WILLIAMS  WILLIAM HOLLAND Sworn to & subscribed before me this 4 May, 1871 T.T. Allington Probate Judge Book E page 172 Additional Comments: Names in Probate record for James L. Holland estate: John Williams, William Holland, Bersheba Holland, Jane Holland, John Holland, Phebey Sue George, Henry George


Lauderdale County Al Archives Court…..Holland, James L. “et Al” June 23, 1873 Probate Record for Estate of James Holland: 1873 To the Hon. T.T. Allington Judge of Probate Court of Lauderdale Co. Alabama The undersigned, the widow and heirs of JAMES HOLLAND decd. desire and intend to reside together and cultivate the land we have inherited from our deceased husband and father, as tenants in common in propestion to our respective rights, and we desire to keep all the stock, farming implements, household and kitchen furniture without a sale or division thereof, at this time therefore in the final settlement of the estate of said intestate we agree that you render a decree ascertaining the value or each distributes share, but that it remain undivided until we or any one of us, desire to withdraw our portion from the common stock. and as the notes and judgments to be distributed cannot be equally divided we agree that our respective interest may be ascertained in them and we will receive them jointly to be held, collected, and divided equally amongst us. And we agree that the decree of the Court may be rendered in accordance with this agreement. Witness June 23, 1872. Witnesses: BASHEBA HOLLAND, PHEBE S. GEORGE, JANIE HOLLAND, JOHN HOLLAND ANDREW J. GRESHAM 1873 Received of JOHN WILLIAM AND WILLIAM HOLLAND adm’s of the estate of JAMES HOLLAND decd. viz, seventeen hundred and twenty seven dollars & fifty cents in money and seventeen hundred & thirty eight dollars & fifty cents of the notes & judgments due said estate, each, and we also acknowledge the receipt of all the personal property of said estate, and this is a full acquittance and release of said administrators from all further liability to us, as administrators of said estate, June 23, 1873. Witnesses: ANDREW J.GRESHAM BESHEBE HOLLAND PHEBE S. GEORGE JANIE HOLLAND JOHN HOLLAND Recorded: Minute Book E page 573 1873 Probate Court June 23, 1873  JOHN WILLIAMS & WILLIAM HOLLAND (adm. of JAMES HOLLAND decd.) vs. JANE HOLLAND & others-Heirs at law of said intestate. Summary of legal document: Notice of settlement of estate published in Times Journal, a newspaper in Florence, AL for three successive weeks and no exceptions were made. Order & decree by the court that said account be approved, confirmed and recorded as the final settlement of the administrators. Said administrators have received in assets of estate $13, 762.17 and the expenses of administration plus commissions of administrators amount to $1211.00 and for advertising and other expenses, $34.65, leaving in the hands of the administrators to be divided among the widow and heirs the sum of $8, 637.65 in money. Further the administrators have in hand, as shown by account notes and judgments, the amount of $8,692.49 and that there is personal property estimated at the value of $9,010.00 The following are entitled to distribution: BESHEBA HOLLAND, the widow of intestate, WILLIAM HOLLAND, one of the administrators, JANE HOLLAND, JOHN HOLLAND, AND PHEBE SUE GEORGE(widow) children of said intestate. The said distributes have filed in this court their agreement and desire that the personal property, stock farming implements, household and kitchen furniture shall not be divided but remain the property of all as tenants in common so that they can live together and cultivate the land inherited by them until they or some one of them desire to withdraws their postive from the common stock. It is decreed that that PHEBE HOLLAND, WILLIAM HOLLAND, JANE HOLLAND, JOHN HOLLAND, & PHEBE SUE GEORGE recover their portions of said estate the sum of $1727. 53 and $1738.50 (notes & judgments). Additional Comments: Other names in documents: Besheba Holland, Phebe S. [Holland] George, Janie Holland, Andrew J. Gresham, John Holland, John Williams, William Holland


Lauderdale County Al Court…..Wilson, Annie E. “et Al” November 1878 Source: Lauderdale County, Alabama Chancery Court Records Written: November 1878 1878 CHANCERY COURT OF LAUDERDALE CO. ALABAMA Date; November 17, 1878 Recorded: Final Record, L, pages 528 & 538-58 ANNIE E. WILSON vs. WILLIAM HOLLAND, JANE HOLLAND, PHEBE SUE GEORGE, JOHN HOLLAND & BASHEBA HOLLAND ANNIE E. WILSON has a claim against the estate of JAMES L. HOLLAND for $7686.30 with interest. Complainant had a decree rendered against JOHN W. MC ALISTER, administrator of estate of JOHN WILSON, deceased for said amount rendered by this court. Conveys the following lands in summary: In Section 18, Township 2, Range 11 West: 120 acres; In Section 20, Township 2, Range 11 West, 176 acres; In sections 20,18, 19, & 17 & 30 Range 11 West, Township 2, 290 acres; In section 17 & 30, Range 11 West, Township 2, 190 acres; and in Section 30, Township 2, Range 11 West, 40 acres part os Section 18, Township 2, Range 11 West. That said McALISTER is insolvent and that said JAMES L. HOLLAND WAS surity on the bond of McALISTER as such administrator. Bill prays that said lands which belong to the estate of JAMES L. HOLLAND, deceased, be sold to satisfy said claim. This bill was amended to include W. T. WHITE, administrator of the estate of JAMES L.HOLLAND, deceased. CHANCERY COURT OF LAUDERDALE COUNTY ALABAMA November 7, 1878 Recorded: Final Record, L., pages 538-558. Annie Wilson vs. the defendants, WILLIAM HOLLAND, JOHN HOLLAND, JAMES HOLLAND, PHEBE SUE GEORGE, & BASHEBA HOLLAND pay complainant the sum of $6500 for her claim and that a decree which shall be a lien on said lands shall be rendered for that amount. On Dec. 20, 1878 another claim is made by Annie E. Wilson saying that she has a lien on the lands for the amount of $6500 and lands will be sold unless defendancts pay sum on or before February 7, 1879, and if sale takes place to execute to purchaser a deed to same and report at first term of court thereafter. Recorded, Book of Final Record L. p. 560. Receipts for whole amount of $6500, dated December 24, 1878 for $6000 and January 3, 1879 for $500. Recorded: Final Record Book L, page 563. Additional Comments: William Holland, Jane Holland, Phebe Sue George, John Holland, Basheba Holland. John Wilson, John W. McAlister are other names in this document.

Note: Barsheba Williams and James L Holland were married 15 Feb 1844 in Lauderdale County, Alabama. He was born in Georgia; she was born in Tennessee.

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