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Eli Nathaniel Hartsfield Bible Records…

that spans from Lawrence County, Tennessee to Greenhill, Lauderdale County, Alabama.
Eli Nathaniel Hartsfield and Family
Bible Records courtesy of Eric Hartsfield
 LAWRENCE COUNTY, TN - BIBLES - Bible of Eli Nathaniel Hartsfield

                Family Record                       Family Record    
       Name             Place of Birth      Birth         Marriage       Death
E. N. Hartsfield     Lawrence Co., TN     25 Dec 1855  31 Aug 1876    7/6/1930
N. M. Hartsfield     Lawrence Co., TN     15 May 1851   31 Aug 1876   15 Mar 1896
S. E. Hartsfield     Lawrence Co., TN     17 May 1877                   Jan 1958
M. A. Hartsfield     Lauderdale Co., AL   16 Oct 1879    
Jas. A. Hartsfield   Lauderdale Co., AL    2 Aug 1882    
W. E. Hartsfield     Lauderdale Co., AL   22 Nov 1884    
John O. Hartsfield   Lauderdale Co., AL    2 Oct 1887    
Mary L. Hartsfield   Lauderdale Co., AL   23 Sep 1889                 8 Oct 1889
A. Js. Hartsfield    Lauderdale Co., AL   18 Apr 1893    
N. L. Hartsfield     Lauderdale Co., AL   26 Oct 1895    
H. N. Hartsfield     Lauderdale Co., AL    2/8/1900    
Elizabeth Hartsfield                                   3 Nov 1896     16 Nov 1896
Mary J. Hartsfield   Giles County, TN     16 Mar 1857   10 Mar 1898   6/18/1926
Ella May             Lauderdale Co., AL    4 Nov 1884    
[notes, Eric Hartsfield, 1 January 2003]      
All of the above was in identical ink and handwriting except the three death  
dates after 1900.  The title page from this Bible is missing.  There is an  
1891 copyright on a biographical dictionary between the contents page and  
It is believed that the abbreviations should read as follow:    
    E. N. = Eli Nathaniel      
    N. M. = Nancy Margaret      
    S. E. = Sarah Elizabeth      
    M. A. = Margaret Annie      
    Jas. A. = James Asa      
    W. E. = William Eli      
    John O. = John Oliver      
    Mary L. = Mary Lee      
    A. Js. = Jesse Andrew (? Andrew Jesse ?)    
    N. L. = Nettie Lula      
    H. N. = Henry Nathaniel      
    Mary J. = Mary Jane      
Eli Nathaniel Hartsfield married, 31 August 1876, Nancy Margaret Littrell.  
This marriage produced eight children:      
Lizzie, Annie, Jim, Will, John, Mary Lee, Jesse, & Lula    
Eli Nathaniel Hartsfield married secondly, 3 November 1896, Mary C. Gibbens.  
This marriage produced no children.      
Eli Nathaniel Hartsfield married thirdly, 10 March 1898, Mary Jane May.  
Ella May was her natural daughter.  This marriage produced one child:  Henry.   

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