The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Indenture between Maryetta Short and William Lyle 1834

in Lauderdale County shows the extent of a mother’s love. Or does it? Was the mother trading up for a better future for her two children, nine and eleven years of age respectively, or was she just unable to take care of them herself –  or both? How would an eleven-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl of today react to being bartered away for a little schooling, horse with a bridle and saddle, and I am not sure who got the cow and calf. Of course they were to be fed and clothes, but likely worked like mules until each came of legal age. That would be ten years for the boy and nine years for the girl.

Marietta Curtis Short had married John Butler in Lauderdale County, Alabama on 8 March 1832. She had lost her husband, and the Short children’s father, about 1828; his name was William Short. So, she was remarried at the point of the Indenture of her two young children.

Lucinda went on to marry and have a large family of children. She and her husband, Hugh Nelson, lived most of their adult live in Parker County, Texas. She named one daughter Marietta and another daughter Emaline as part of their names; in honor of her mother. There was an older brother  named Robert Thompson Short. He was born in 1821 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. By the mid 1800s he and most of his siblings had all moved to Texas. All of them lived in Parker County, Texas for a while.

Hugh Nelson and wife Nancy Lucinda Short Nelson are buried at the cemetery that they donated land for that purpose in Parker County, Texas. Appropriately it is named the Nelson Cemetery. Nancy Lucinda Short Nelson died 9 Oct 1877. It would appear that most, if not all, her children are also buried there. Information on the cemetery follows:

Nelson Cemetery,

Nelson Road, of FM 370 via Peden Rd., Azle, TX, USA

Latitude & Longitude: 32° 56′ 55.70860999992″, -97° 33′ 24.45707999988″

Hugh Nelson (1821-1884), a native of Tennessee, donated the original two acres of this burial ground. The earliest dated stone marks the grave of his infant son Hugh, who died in 1864. Earlier burials were marked only with field-stones. A number of children’s graves date from a dysentery epidemic in 1884. Known at one time as Walnut Creek Cemetery, this is the burial place of many area pioneers, including members of the Cruse, Helm, Nix, Osburn, Parker, and Peden families. Nelson Cemetery contains over 700 known graves.

Are there any descendants of these Short children that can tell us the rest of the story? The text of this deed for Indenture follows:

Lauderdale County Alabama Deed Book 6 page 247-8

Short to Lyle

The State of Alabama Lauderdale County

This Indenture made and entered into this 4th day of June 1834 by and between
Marietta L Short of the first part and William Lyle of the Second part.  Witnesseth
that the said Marietta of the first part hath and does hereby bind unto the said
William Lyle her two natural children as apprentices. (viz.) James Madison Short
who will be eleven years old on the 17th day of July and also her daughter Nancy
Lucinda Short who will be 9 years old 19th of September and the said James Madison
Short to live with said Lyle as an apprentice until he arrives at the age of twenty
one years of age & the Nancy Lucinda until she arrives at the age of eighteen years
and to live with ____ said Lyle until they arrive at their respective ages.  The
said Lyle to treat them in a humane manner & to furnish sufficient food & clothing
during the whole of said term & during said term give said boy a common English
Education as far as the ____ of three and at the end of the term give him a horse
saddle & Bridle worth Sixty dollars and said Nancy Lucinda to finish out the term
of 6 months for which she is now entered to School afterwards in said term one
other six months & one for ___ sixteen one cow & calf for the faithful promise
of this agreement we the said Marietta L Short & William Lyle have hereunto set
our hands & seals the day and date above written.
                           Marietta (her X mark) L Short (seal)
                           William Lyle             (seal)

I am to furnish at the end of the term of said James Madison Short I am also to furnish
one good new suit of homespun & the said Nancy with one fine suit suitable for her
condition & the Country.

Attest W W Garrard         William Lyle

State of Alabama    } Personally appeared before me this day William W Garrafd Clk
Lauderdale County   } the County Court of said County the parties whose name are attached

to the foregoing indenture and acknowledged the signing sealing and delivery of the same
for the purposes therein mentioned this 4th day of June 1834
                           Wm W Garrard clk

Recorded 21st June 1834

[superscribed over the first part of the indenture recorded on page 247]
We the undersigned acknowledged satisfaction of the within Deed or Bond this 28th day of Decr
                           William Lyle
                           Maryetta (her X mark) Short
Attest W E Hardesty


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