The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Best Friends Forever…

yep and yessiree. Uncle Joel and his two best friends forever are in the photo below. At Taylor Anne’s first birthday party, I witnessed a very heartwarming conversation between Uncle Joel and the little one, Logan Sledge. It was Taylor Anne’s birthday but some of us brave ones countered someone’s wishes when we brought presents for the Wolverine as well as the Princess Birthday Girl.

One of those was Joel Speegle, or Uncle Joel to Taylor Anne and Logan. As he was about to give Logan his ‘forbidden’ gift, Logan bent his head back, really far, far back, to address the big guy standing in front of him. Looking at the difference in stature of the two Mutt and Jeff comes to mind, only more Jeff and less Mutt, if you remember those two.  He asked Uncle Joel, “Did you know that you are my best friend? My v-e-r-y best friend in the WHOLE wide world, Uncle Joel?” And I would say from the lump in lump in my throat and the tightening of Uncle Joel’s lip that he did know it as it went without saying. Joel and Zac, Logan and Taylor Anne’s father, have been bffs since early childhood; and the tradition carries on.

Joel Speegle is one of my heroes as he is serving overseas in the military, but he is scheduled to return home to Cherokee soon. But, not soon enough for his family I would wager. Godspeed Joel Speegle.

Uncle Joel and his BFF

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