The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

John Franklin Taylor…

was a Franklin County man.  He was the son of William Pleasant Taylor and a relation to the Sparks family that included Acley Thomas Sparks. There are numerous descendants of these two families in the Shoals area, while many others have ventured to other states.

In 1848 John Franklin Taylor married Cynthia Overton in Franklin County, Alabama. Their known children are:  James F (or H )Taylor who was born 1849 in Alabama, Abner Taylor who was born 1853, and Mary J Taylor born 1855 and who died 1912.

In 1870 John Franklin Taylor married Rilla Catherine Jones in Franklin County, Alabama. Their known children are: Riley Franklin Taylor who lived 1872 – 1940, Alma Rebecca Taylor who lived 1875 – 1951, and Florence Esther Taylor who lived 1878 – 1945.

In the 1860s John Franklin served honorably with Gen. Phillip Roddy, whose home was in Courtland in Lawrence County, Alabama and his mansion remains in tact today. Gen. Roddy headed up the gallant 4th Regiment of Cavalry also known as Roddy’s Regiment. The tin type photo shows John Franklin Taylor in his cavalry uniform.

American Civil War Soldiers: about John Franklin Taylor:
John Franklin Taylor Military Service GravemarkerJohn Franklin Taylor Gravemaker at Macedonia Church Cemetery

Name: John Taylor
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Alabama
Service Record: Enlisted as a 1st Lieutenant.
Commission in Company E, 4th Cavalry Regiment Alabama.
Sources: 425

He is buried  at Macedonia Cemetery at Horseshoe Bend, off Franklin County Highway 16, in Alabama. This is close to TVA’s Bear Creek Lake and the Horseshoe Bend Campground.

John Franklin Taylor

The letter that accompanied the copy of the tintype follows:

Letter from Neil Taylor

Letter from Neil Taylor


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