The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

A little humor today…

or is it funny? It is truly the life in your years that is important. This graphic came in an email from a friend, so I adapted it from the MILK slogan to the MOMS slogan. The MOMS slogan must be very meaningful and purposeful. It must resonant with the kids. Now, what will it be? Post your suggestions.

Just know that Mother is the first one they cry for at birth and the one they scream for when hurt on the battlefield. Never let anyone make you think you are not important or a piece of property or a piece of anything else; or omg* and wtf**…hazardous material!!!!!!

As a widow with a young daughter and young son a fellow teacher found herself in a dilemma. She was a wonderful lady I taught with many years ago who said this about mothers when her son was taunting her authority as Mother, “There is one thing for **** sure, you know who your Mother is; and all you know about your Father is what I told you.”  I have never forgotten that phrase or that teacher. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world – no more, no less.

The life in your years...

The life in your years...

Let the Fun BEGIN!!!!   The new lexicon for Mothers of all ages:
MOMS=  [to be determined]
omg*=  One Mother Gone fill in the next word as appropriate
wtf** = Wave That Flag
lol = laughing outloud loudly

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