The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

The Landers family in northwest Alabama…

dates back to at least the 1830s. Elizabeth Elanor Landers who is pictured below was the daughter of Jacob L Landers and Elanor Luna. Her father was born 1809 in Tennessee, and he died in 1880. He was listed as living in Tuscumbia, Township 4 Range 11, Colbert County, Alabama in 1870. Jacob L Landers and Eleanor Luna  were married  on 18 Oct 1827 when Jacob was age eighteen. Eleanor Luna Landers was born 1816 and died 1859.

Jacob L Landers’ parents were John Landess and Abigail Lee Harmon. John Landess was born in Kentucky in 1787 and died 10 June 1841 in Lawrence County, Alabama; Abigail Lee Harmon was born 1790 and died 1869. John Landess’ parents were John Landers/Landess who was born in Greenbrier, Augusta, Virginia in 1748 and died 13 June 1814 in Washington County, Kentucky and Susannah Harmon. John Landess’ parents were Christopher Landis 1710-1711 and Mary Landis 1712-1771.

 Jacob and Eleanor Landers had a number of children. They were:
  1. Mary C Landers  1833 – 
  2. Abigail Caroline Landers 1836 – 1910
  3. Narcissa Landers 1838 – 1839
  4. Ann Landers 1839 – 
  5. James Henry Landers 1840 – 1909
  6. Elizabeth Elanor Landers 1847 – 1918; married John David Vandiver 1851 – 1919
  7. Sarah A Landers 1848 – 1849
  8. John W Landers 1852 – 1880
  9. Jacob A Landers 855 – 1871
  10. Loucinda Emaline “Emma” Landers 1859 – 1860
Elizabeth Elanor Landers
Elizabeth Elanor Landers

Thanks to Sabrina Carpenter for the photograph.

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  3. Linda Croom Franks

    ABIGAIL CAROLINE WAS MY GRGRGRANDMOTHER. I did not know for sure Elinor was
    a Luna/Looney but suspected since my genes matched perfectly with Luna in Ar. Elinor
    is not listed under Moses Looney’s household census if her birth year 1816- I think surely she was older than 11 when she married Jacob! My MTDNA genes are 99% Northern European.
    If anyone has inf on Elinor’s mother-Mary Polly Guest or York I would appreciate filling
    in the blanks,I believe Moses had several wives. Also did you know Jacob’s lineage were Howlings originally- as of the Mayflower. Linda Croom Franks

    July 10, 2011 at 8:22 pm

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