The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

I know he can hear me right now…

singing happy birthday, singing happy birthday very badly. But if it were a recording it would be recorded with love – lots of love. Happy birthday Zac Sledge. You are a wonderful son, grandson, and an awesome dad. And you and Anna have given us Taylor Anne who owns half of the little pieces of my heart and Logan who owns the other half of the little pieces of my heart. Happy birthday. Family, friends, and co-workers shared Zac’s birthday dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse in Florence last weekend.

Zac and Anna and those babies live in Cherokee, Alabama. Logan started Pre-K this year at Cherokee Elementary. His wonderful, and beautiful, teacher is Candi Rutland Malone. Taylor Anne is my little Queen-of-Quite-a-Lot. Logan used to pretend to be the foreman at the job – Jeff Sherrod. He was a really awesome foreman; he got a work badge to prove it.

Hey, Jeff Sherrod, I know what you want for your birthday! Roll Tide gear, right?

Zac Sledge's birthday dinner at Logan's Roadhouse

Anna Cain Sledge, Zac Sledge, Jeff Sherrod

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  1. Kenneth Wise

    This is so crazy! I found this by accident, when looking for my ancestor, Peter Hayes/Hays. My mother has always lived and is from PA and met my father here in 1966. I never knew him. His family is from the North/South Carolina line, near Dillon and Lumberton. Now..the crazy part. Her friend met and married a man from North Carolina. I grew up with their children. Your NEVER going to believe this…. Their last names… Sledge! Bill Sledge and Joyce Cubbage were their names. Now, to find out we are related. WOW! Also…the man in the picture, Sherrod… I have Sherrer/Sherrod ancestors from the same area! I need a drink…. LOL

    May 8, 2017 at 4:13 pm

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