The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

Hettie Ann Thrasher Marks’…

family traces back to London England to John Thrasher. His son Peter Thrasher was the progenitor of the Thrasher family in America. He arrived in 1666. Peter died in 1700 in Prince George, Maryland. Peter has one known son, Benjamin Thrasher,  born 1690 and died 1741 in Prince George,  Maryland. Benjamin Thrasher was married to Mary Beall.  Mary and Benjamin are known to have two children: Margaret Thrasher  1680 – 1738 and Thomas Thrasher  1725 – 1804.

Thomas Thrasher was born in Prince George and died 6 Jun 1804 in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland. Thomas married Martha Lee. Together they had a number of children: Benjamin Thrasher 1735 – 1753; Mary Thrasher 1749 – 1813; Benjamin Thrasher  1753 – 1821; Ruth Thrasher  1755 – 1850;  Keziah Casiah Thrasher  1757 –   ; Benjamin Thrasher  1758 – 1802; John Thrasher  1761 – 1828; Sarah Thrasher  1765 – 1826; Elias Thrasher  1767 – 1823.

Elias Thrasher was born in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland and died  in Lovettsville, Loudon County, Virginia. He married Sarah Lamar  1770 – 1851 and they had a number of children: Malinda Thrasher  1789 – 1859;  Henson Thrasher  1790 – 1860; Matilda Thrasher  1792 – 1834; Elias Thrasher  1792 – 1860; Martha Thrasher  1793 – 1853; William Bishop Lamar Thrasher  1798 – 1883; Thomas Lee Thrasher  1798 – 1850; Thomas Thrasher 1800 – 1893; Archibald Archer Thrasher  1802 – 1883; Sarah Ann Thrasher  1805 –   ; Arretta Thrasher  1806 – 1882; William Franklin Thrasher  1809 – 1855; Luther Alexander Thrasher  1810 – 1881; John Thrasher  1812 – 1854; and Clarissa Amanda Thrasher  1813 – 1889.

The Thrasher family started out in America in Prince George and Frederick Maryland, but the Thrasher line was in the Shoals before Alabama was a state. They arrived when Alabama was still called the Mississippi Territory; while the land was still occupied by the Native Americans. The Trail of Tears was to occur some  forty or more years later.

William Bishop Lamar Thrasher was born  25 May 1798 in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States and died  26 Jan 1883 in Lauderdale, Alabama, United States. He married, at age 24, Rachel Holshausen in Lauderdale County, Alabama on 3 September 1822. Rachel, the daughter of John Holshausen and Anniece Cunningham Holshausen, was born 17 Feb 1805 in Tennessee and died 26 December 1883 in Lauderdale County, Alabama. Rachel’s parents were both born in Rowan County, North Carolina. Rachel’s father died in 1868 in Nelson County, Kentucky. Her mother died in 1843 in Polk County, Texas.

William Bishop Lamar Thrasher and Rachel Holshausen Thrasher maintained their home in Lauderdale County and raised a large family of children. Their children were: Elias Thrasher 1823 – 1876; Thomas Thrasher  1825 – 1876; Emily Thrasher  1827 –   ; Sarah Malissa Elissie Thrasher  1831 – 1904; BG Thrasher  1832 – 1902; William Henson Thrasher  1833 – 1879; Hattie Ann Thrasher  1835 – 1917; James Thrasher  1837 – 1915; John Chapman Thrasher  1840 – 1915; Michael  L Mike Thrasher  1841 –   ; Pugh Houston Thrasher  1843 – 1922 and John Chapman Thrasher  1845 – 1915. There may have been a son named John Hall Thrasher born 1823.

Hettie Ann Thrasher married John Henry Marks who was born 1829 in Virginia and died 19 Apr 1876 in Lauderdale County,  Alabama. Their family of children are in the “Family of Hettie” graphic below. John Henry Marks was buried at Chisholm Cemetery and Hettie Marks was buried at Stoney Point Church of Christ Cemetery, both in Lauderdale County.

Their son, James Wesley Marks married Clora Alice “Cora” Phillips  who lived from 1878  to 1926. Cora Marks was the daughter of  John Wesley Phillips  1838 – 1907 and Josephine Roseann Carr Phillips 1841 – 1912. It is from John Wesley Phillips that the name Wesley becomes a family tradition.

On the 1900 Census, James Marks and wife Cora Marks, were boarders in the household of Martin Phillips. Martin was a widow who had a couple of children and grandchildren living with him. He may have been Cora Phillips’ grandfather. The home was situated on Coffee Road and Wood Avenue in Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama. James and Cora Marks had married in January of that year.

On 12 September 1918, James Marks who was living in Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama was described as medium height, medium build, with blue eyes and gray hair. His age was 44, and he was married to Cora. His occupation is given as  merchant. Presumably, he was the first owner of Marks Garage near Seven  Points Shopping Center in Florence.

James and Cora Marks’ children were: Owen Marks  1903 –   ; Neal  V Marks  1905 –    ; James Wesley “Jimmy” Marks  1907 – 1969; Robert Marks  1910 –    ; and Lucile Marks  1913 –    . James W Marks and Clora A Phillips Marks are buried at Parsonage Cemetery in Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama.

James and Cora’s third son, Jimmy Marks married Irene Harriet Kerby. They built a home on Malone Circle in Florence as a duplex. Jimmy was a very frugal man. He paid for the home with the rent derived from one side while they lived on the other side of the duplex. The two sides shared one bathroom. Jimmy Marks worked with his brother, Neal Marks, in their family garage at Seven Points. After his retirement, Jimmy drove the school bus that took Irene to her job at Hope Haven School in Tuscumbia. Irene was beloved by family, friends, and co-workers.

Irene and her twin sister, Pauline Kerby had wonderful memories of their childhood, their parents, and their escapades. The twins were not given middle names at birth. So, they adopted middle names from their ‘favorite’ relatives. Pauline crowned herself Pauline Barbara Kerby, while Irene was dubbed Irene Harriet Kerby. These two little ladies were wonderful company to be around. They were full of ‘stories’ of their upbringing, school days, and courting days. I miss them both. Jimmy and Irene Marks are buried at Florence City Cemetery.

Hettie Ann Thrasher Marks

Hettie Ann Thrasher Marks' Obituary

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  5. Wanda Samek

    Hettie, do you have a source that links Peter Thrasher (the progenitor) to Benjamin Thrasher? If so, I hope you’ll share it.

    I have looked for this link for many years.

    Thank you for posting the information.

    December 5, 2012 at 10:50 pm

  6. James and Cora had another son not mentioned in this post: Ray Dean Marks, my Grandaddy. He was young when Cora died, maybe six years old. He passed away in 2007 and is buried at Greenview Cemetary I believe with his wife, Mary Joy Marks née Lyle.

    June 10, 2014 at 5:43 pm

  7. G. Burnett

    Would like to remind everyone that reads this post. Elias Thrasher b. 1823, was a murderer, robber and rapist. He, Tom Clark and the men he rode with killed Ellen Burnett and her three year old son Jordan in April of 1862. It is sickening to see such a glorified post of a man so brutal and terrible that even the Union Army General Grenville Dodge wouldn’t recognize his service and demanded his arrest for his menacing deeds.

    Reparations are due.

    G. Burnett

    June 8, 2015 at 4:18 pm

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