The past is the present for future generations who do not know their history

River Oaks Group…

This group is dedicated to those of you who grew up in Sheffield, or the Shoals area, and who remember the River Oaks sign on Hatch Blvd.

The Facebook page for the group is called River Oaks Sign/Sheffield, Alabama. To go to the page, click here.

Debbie Slayton Whitley is the creator of the page and admin for the group. And she says:

This sign originally was for the River Oaks Shopping Center and was quite a grand sign in its day. They took off the part that said Shopping Center years ago, but left the rest, due, I guess, to the fact that the subdivision was also known as River Oaks. At one time, there were monkeys in a cage below the sign, but they were moved due to mistreatment from

River Oaks Sign

River Oaks Shopping Center Sign

 passers-by. I grew up “catty-corner” from this sign, and when they took it down, it broke my heart, even though it had become an eyesore. I will post the picture I got of it after it was taken down. If anyone has a picture of it while it was still up, and especially in great condition, please feel free to replace mine. 🙂

River Oaks was a shopping center. It was a bowling alley. And at one time it had trampolines. I loved jumping on the trampolines. I was pretty good at that.

I remember the monkeys that were in a  cage. You can see the metal frame for the sign and what the cage had been attached to long ago. Cars would slow down to see the monkeys when I was little. Later the building was used by TVA. It has set vacant for so long. They finally took the sign down as is shown in the photo above. It is such a shame to see our memories fade from existence.


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  1. Thank you Bill Thompson for guiding me to this group’s Facebook page.

    January 11, 2011 at 7:41 am

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